We Interrupt This Lack Of Blogging …

These are the drafts that I have recently started in my blogging folder:

  • Red Crossed – a rant against the money-grubbing Red Cross and how they decide to use your donations. You’re not giving money for what you think you are. Try to guess how I feel about the Red Cross.
  • Dear Barack – about the note that the Boston Bomber wrote to serve as his last will and testament as he was being surrounded in that boat. Key words: martyr, retribution for U.S. military action, “collateral damage”
  • The Other Half – husbands who have predicable and annoying standard responses when you ask them any question. What do you mean ask them any question? What do you mean just what I said? What do you mean you can’t stand it anymore?
  • The Brother-In-Laws of Joan Baez – this one I am really going to finish one day. It involves a seaside hippie nature wedding of one of her sisters where the wedding dress was a designer original.
  • Uh Oh- Breaking news about a shortage of dialysis tubes after an Italian earthquake. Because who doesn’t want to keep informed about global dialysis news?

There are about 20 more but I am ignoring them all to devote my time to something much more important.

Opening today at the LBJ Library 

“The First Ladies Collection” of Madame Alexander Dolls.

pretty as a little lady bird

link via OurPesidents*

*I’m not linking them because today is the founding of the Red Cross in 1881 and they chose to go with a picture of a dead Kennedy instead of The Angel Of The Battlefield. Here – let me fix that:

2 clara barton dolls

7 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Lack Of Blogging …”

  1. I find local orgs to send my disaster dollars too. Usually community churches where every dollar will assist the victims directly, not pay 6-figure salaries of the top heavy Red Cross.

  2. The Yellow Rose of Texas and the Professional Angel. We are choc-a-bloc today in heroic women.

  3. Looks more like a Lynda Bird hairdo on the doll, but who’s quibbling?

    Hope you caught our ever-shrinking Guv on the news yesterday talking about Oklahoma. Solid, compassionate and no-nonsense. “Americans stand up for Americans.”

    The guy is already more Presidential than the current temporary occupant. Besides, political payback is what Democrats do.

    (Hopefully, you are keeping tabs on what passes for a Buono campaign. Everyday it brings a new smile to my face.)

  4. you don’t remember the choice of sandwiches by the A.R.C. during the flood? they were:
    a. peanut butter and jelly
    b. jelly and peanut butter

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