6 thoughts on “It’s 3 AM Somewhere”

  1. She’s watching the hearings. Has her staff transcribing every word. Planning her defense.
    Bubba smirking in the background.

    1. Well. I was wrong on all counts.
      She was in California accepting a bogus award for being something or another from the people raising money for her run for President.

    1. If you have ever been elected to public office in this country you get to be called “The Honorable”, despite significant evidence to the contrary. I assume appointed cabinet members get the same. Or it may be due to her stint as a Senator from NY.

  2. Other suggestions:
    1. Breaking the glass on that cyanide capsule.
    2. Plotzing.
    3. Searching YouTube to find career options for her and Bill at their country manor:

  3. Hiding files in her pants.
    Yelling at staff using gutter language.
    Introducing Bill to an sexy intern.
    Baking cookies and standing by her man.
    Writing an anonymous movie about Islam and searching for an expendable film maker.
    Putting scrunchies in her ponytail.
    Buying Cheryl Mills a tropical island.

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