Hot Seat Hillary

I longed for the day that Hillary would be back in the national spotlight everyday but this isn’t going to be much fun.

In a serious society, Benghazi, standing alone, would spell the end of Hillary Clinton’s public career.

Revelations about Benghazi on September 11th are coming at a rapid pace now and it’s hard to keep track of what I read and where, but yesterday something whizzed by that said the State Department (HRC) did an end run around the counter-terrorism people and then went on to say this is exactly what happened at Waco in ’93.

If that’s true, Benghazi alone means that Hillary killed more people than the Boston bombers. Combined with Waco, we’re talking outdoing Jeffrey Daumer, Ted  Kaczynski and John Wayne Gacy put together.


Will it hurt her chances for a presidential run in 2016? No silly, she’s a Democrat and she’s a master of the straight-faced lie.

4 thoughts on “Hot Seat Hillary”

  1. Tune in tomorrow to the hearing. Perhaps, in spite of her saying in January, “it does matter now.”

  2. I think we all know this is just a vast right wing conspiracy.

    (Removing tongue from my cheek now)

  3. The Powerline author is correct that Benghazi will matter no more than any of the other “whoopsies” in the Clinton history. What matters is the rush to elect a female President, any female President.

    Therefore I am not wasting any more brain cycles on the matter. If the National GOP has any smarts remaining, neither will it. “Serious” issues did not derail Obama’s reelection, after all, including a poor economy, a Frankenstein national health plan, a detention camp that ignores the Constitution and a war or two. No reason to think things will change in 2016.

    After all, the current front-running Republican is a guy who generated the most media coverage by having just had lap band surgery to lose weight.

    Priorities, people!!

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