Or As We Call It Around Here, Mexican St. Patrick’s Day

Just in time for Cinco De Mayo. Doors open for Happy Hour at 5:00 pm.

I really am filled with shame that I keep blogging about the same stuff over and over with the same kind of supporting photographic documentation, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t. What can i say – my life is uneventful. Except for that part yesterday where we busted through the barriers at the old Bell Labs building, tore past the giant transistor and took our own little tour (outside only). Next weekend, I think we’ll go on a tour of the old Nike missile silos around here.


2 thoughts on “Or As We Call It Around Here, Mexican St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Hola Susannah, feliz Cinco de Mayo de St. Patricks Día! I like the looks of your outdoor cantinas and the high-tech crop circles of Bell Labs. (Spell Check does not like the word “cantinas” and suggests “canastas”, but I don’t know if you play cards out there.)

  2. I can recall as a cub scout being given a tour of the Nike site in Summit. Spooky.

    It was later discovered that the earlier missiles – the liquid fueled ones – routinely leaked toxins into the ground water. Still, a small price to pay to keep the Commies off our ass.

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