News From The Great Outdoors

1. Physical decrepitude: Whew! Just came back inside from pulling out about 30 very shallow-rooted weeds. I’m pretty much done in.

2. Mental confusion: Every time I go out the back door, the absence of the trees still surprises me. There’s one “tree” left on the other side, only because when the creek workers were taking everything down Old Mary put on her babushka, pulled up a plastic chair and stared at them so they wouldn’t take that one on her property  And by “Old Mary” I mean  “that big mouthed-bitch with the ignoramus sons Mary”. Anyway, she saved that one tree. Because it was part of a dense mass of trees, it grew bent while it was seeking light. I always think “rainbow” when I see it because of the arch I guess. So it’s a weird mixture of something’s wrong (no trees) and oooh! (rainbow) whenever I go out the back door. Also, there doesn’t seem to be all that many leaves on that tree so maybe its dead or almost dead. Old Mary should have let the township take it down for free.

Big black birds usually perch on those bare branches. I don’t know why my first reaction to this scene is happiness. You would think I’d know better by now.

3. State flower of NJ. My yard is positively filled with violets and rabbit poop.

Sorry – there won’t be any pictures of the rabbit poop.

4. Deck pots.  Let’s start making deck pots!

photo (1)
I don’t know. Maybe I should have gotten yellow marigolds for that fancy pot.

5. Change in plans. The DIL just called and she wants to go shopping for tiki themed yard ornaments. She doesn’t know it but my parents were the tiki pioneers of Wilkes Barre way back in the day. They strung plastic tiki face lanterns crisscrossing the inside of the garage and that’s where we sat for cook-outs if it was sunny or rainy or windy. They had big ole C7 bulbs in them, not the little mini lights like the modern ones have. They’re probably still hanging there.

4 thoughts on “News From The Great Outdoors”

  1. The marigolds are just right for that Mexican pot. Did you get it at the same time as the chicken? I like it.

  2. You may not recall, but we met in an online discussion about Tiki mugs. So I have a “Suzette/Tiki” association in my mind. Evidently your DIL does as well.

  3. It’s so good to see the “gabions from hell project” has finally healed and is slowly being obscured by your lovely back yard. May you’re peace never suffer again.

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