3 thoughts on “It is Not A Blessing To Be Aware Of Your Own Flaws”

  1. Love the pie chart.

    I have had a couple of really weird weeks. I asked my mother if it was my late grandmother who used to “take to the bed” when things got crazy, as that would be a large piece of my wishful pie chart.

    Here is a summary of this week’s really bad mood: bathroom remodels with husband driving me insane—it is going to be lovely, but it appears to be as many details as planning a wedding; church reform vote, liberals win; burning hand on oven during stress hunger for spicy tortillas and rushing (distracted from traumas). Then…on a day I “thought” I could stay home and get sort of organized as we are going overseas in 11 days on vacation…no. Son, with stomach virus, goes to ED and wants his Mama (RN Mamas are very popular with grown children when illness strikes). This on top of terrorists on loose in Boston and Benghazi lies. C’est la vie!

    I am having Junipero gin an olives tonight and watching the Kentucky Derby. I consider this brand of gin medicinal and highly recommend (the Queen Mother drank gin daily. I cannot claim that I do, but it did seem to preserve her and serve her well for over a century).

    I will have time, today, to “take to the bed” after laundry and other stuff that did not get done this week, prior to gin binge. I am always relieved and amused to read Suzette’s bad mood postings that I do not suffer alone.

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