That Lovely Month

May 1st already?  Time for Occupy Gazebo.

The bundle on the table is my painting stuff. The bundle under the table is a filthy corgi.

At the risk of repeating myself, these roll-up blinds were a brilliant idea. Sometimes I like to do this half-way thing and let the lookyloos get only a partial glimpse. The blinds have helped me to understand that it’s not so much them seeing me that bothers me – it’s me seeing them that disturbs me. So halfway is good enough for privacy purposes. They go all the way down when the sun makes it unbearable to sit there.

I was going to work from the official office today instead of  from my extra bedroom, but why should I waste my time driving up and down the parkway? I can have lunch on the deck and then go buy bright red geraniums for the stoopscape.

Question: Do the commies still parade on May 1st? Related: little known fact about Suzette: I have an obsession with an Al Stewart CD called  Between The Wars which *deep breath* is  themed around of world events from 1918 to 1939. Each piece is done in a different style but one that suits the particular subject matter of the track. I am amazed at how much history I knew and forgot and remembered again when I first listened to this. Listen to any part of this work and see if the brilliance doesn’t take your breath away. Where else are you going to find a pop music piece meant for general audience that makes a quiet allusion to how the Japanese takeover of southeast Asian rubber tree plantations away from the French and the resulting global shortage impacted  European supply? I just reread that sentence and it sounds so dry but it’s not. It’s brilliant. I just used 4 times as many words as the complete reference in the song lyric:

“Far away, figures bend to tap the
Endless seas of rubber trees
To coat the wheels of Paris taxis”

I know the hipper parts of the interwebs are busy today with Jonathan Colton’s First Of May but they don’t even know. And so for May 1st, I present to you Joe the Georgian.

lyrics here

[Editor’s note: If only I could think of a post that would include a reference to A League of Notions, even though I do not care for that cheap shot at the Pope at the end.]

2 thoughts on “That Lovely Month”

  1. Mr. Stewart is still alive and making music. He is, by the way, the only singer I know who wrote a song about Warren G. Harding.

  2. Yay! The Sted Man is back! Whether feelthy or pristine, a corgi always makes the right fashion statement.

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