The Use Of Capital Letters Should Be A Tip-Off Here

The boss creek worker banged on our front door this morning at 7am. FINALLY after abandoning us on December 20th, they have returned to make right the muddy mess they left us then. AND THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG.

BAD MOOD ALERT! I have a day off from work today. Finally I have the time to do the little things I can’t do on a normal working Friday (which would be lounge around on the deck and enjoy myself) and now I can’t because I’m all crabbed up. I have already tried to change my attitude by buying 2 things from Amazon and was just about to fire up my online search fu for Mexican flowerpots but now I think I’m going to have to leave the premises so the top of my head doesn’t blow off from aggravation.

It’s a beautiful sunny morning outside so maybe I’ll bomb down to the Corningware Outlet and see what’s shakin’ there.


4 thoughts on “The Use Of Capital Letters Should Be A Tip-Off Here”

  1. I hope you take this opportunity to have a nice cuppa and a good old fashioned angry diatribe in the privacy and sanctity of your new Sante Fe. What I can see of your palatial estate looks lovely.

  2. I love the red bench and the Mexican Chicken-Pot looks just right with it. Perfect. Don’t let the inept workers upset your day.

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