Famous Ladies From the Past – Part 2

Barbara Piasecka Johnson  Basia died this month – did you know that? She was always big new for me. No Polish jokes here. As a part- Polish American, this was a big point of pride  in my family circle.

You know the story – young housemaid for older  billiony billionaire. Cupid’s arrow. Marriage. Contruction of Jasna Polana, a luxurious 46,000sq ft mansion. Widowhood. Prolonged court battle initiated by muliti-millionaie adult children.

Here’s my beef: I am sick to death of reading  constant references that she was a cook and a maid. She worked as a cook and a maid – it’s a fine distinction, I know but there is a difference.  Before she came to this country, When she came to this country she had  a masters degree in art history. Why don’t they use that for a description? It rankles.

Jasna Polana is a private golf club now. The 46,000 sq ft  love nest they built is the club house  and the open space around it is now a championship golf course. Crappy uninteresting  golf clubs in NJ  have membership fees that are out of sight for the average Joe (I don’t see this issue on Obama’s list of Things That Are Not Fair) but it doesn’t cost anything to drive by for a little look see. Which I plan to do. It’s only 5 miles from my son’s office. They do wedding receptions now, too.

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One thought on “Famous Ladies From the Past – Part 2

  1. Much of neighboring town of Bedminster is still owned by members of the Johnson family on money earned from Band-Aid® Brand Adhesive Bandages, to use the real name. (At least that’s better than having a family fortune built on weapon manufacturing or strip-mining.) Unlike the Rockefellers or some other old money dynasties, their money is still being replenished through the line of pharma companies along Rt. 202, Rt. 206 and Rt. 28 in Somerset County.

    They are all members of the horsey set, living in mansions modeled on traditional upscale farmhouses or Bucks County stone houses. I think a lot of the venom aimed at Mrs. Johnson was the fact that she flaunted her money and that was verboten among that demographic.

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