The Leader Of the So Far Still Free World


I wonder who had the job of waking him up for the Boston bomber press conference last night?

Does anyone else think he was wearing his pajamas under that suit?

Did you ever see a more mournful expresssion on a  US President making a statement of national interest ever? Ever?

  • Harry Truman tells America about the bombing of Hiroshma:
They have been repaid many fold.
  • FDR declaring war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor:
Roosevelt Declares War
A date which will live in infamy.
  • LBJ and a dozen other mourners after the Kennedy assassination:
HIstoric Images From The Amercan 20th Century
I do solemnly swear …
  • Barry Sotero pulled out of bed and forced to compliment the (stupid) Boston police during a pitch-perfect speech that he obviously had nothing to do with creating:
To paraphrase Uncle Ruslan: “Being loser!”

13 thoughts on “The Leader Of the So Far Still Free World”

  1. He just phoned it in. I honestly think they have to drug him most of the time to get him out there, unless he is flogging half the American people for disagreeing with him. Just look at his eyes – reminiscent of the first debate with Romney. Oh, and did you catch his 2-second shout out to West, Texas? I despise this “man” with every fiber of my being. Does that make me a h8er?

  2. I’m still stuck on his “don’t rush to judgment” , like his lapdogs in the media did to the tea party within 5 minutes of the bombs going off ? Sickos.

  3. He was mad, bro. Not a speech of relief that terrorists were either caught or dead. Anger. I think directed at those bloggers (Drudge) and twitter peoples.

  4. Suzette, you being all medical-ly and all, I wonder if you would comment on this (very graphic) picture of old Tamerlan after he met his 72 virgins. Wondering if the large gash in his side is from a medical procedure. Looks like there is Betadine or similar around the gaping wound. And what would cause the discoloration of the face and shoulder. Feeling morbid this morning (and maybe a little righteous indignation).

    1. I’m no medical person even though I watch hospital shows on TV, but no one looks good after they’ve been run over by an SUV while lying on the ground. If you notice, his left shoulder looks dislocated (?).

      1. Oops, meant to add this; the police were trying to put handcuffs on Asswipe#1 when his brother ran him over.
        The police had to scramble to get out of the way.
        So I read.

  5. Callie…I think the condition is called “deader than a doornail.” The left gash does look like surgical intervention for a lacerated aorta or heart (thoracotomy) in the ED. One of the holes below is also not a bullet hole (for suction into lungs to inflate). I studied medicine at a Holiday Inn Express. Not sure why he was left with blood all over his face/neck, but I cannot judge as it is fine with me and he should not have been treated like Princess Di in the Paris tunnel. Typically tubes are left in until autopsy, and these have been pulled (including an endotracheal tube if they attempted to put him on a vent. So guess this photo was just before the procedure began and all tubes pulled.

  6. Suzette, is there anyway to obtain a more flattering avatar? I prefer a wee tiara or coronet, please. (although this face is how I felt with the media most of the week)

  7. Lady L – i Own The World has instructions. Go to, scroll all the way down on the right to “Contact, interact and follow” to where it says “Want an avatar? Find out how.” and follow instructions.

  8. Don’t rush to judgement. You mean like I automatically know Obama is lying whenever he speaks whether he wrote it or not? Like I automatically know if it’s a terrorist act no effort will be spared to blame it on right wing nutcases? Like Suzette knows Obama had to be woken up to address the Boston bombing?
    These are not rushed judgements. There are years of experience behind them.

  9. We had a local guy here with political ambitions (we finally bumped him out) who was “empathy challenged”. He had to fake every human interaction with what he thought people wanted to see and hear.

    That’s what I see whenever this guy spouts.

    Having said that, is it really necessary for the Chief Executive to make a cliched pronouncement from the podium every time there is a major tragedy? Making sure that Federal agencies are available to help? Sure. Integrating the matter into our on-going experience fighting terrorism? Of course. This is just one more photo op.

    Sir, I am weary of you.

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