Must I Do Everything?

Madmen SE06 E3 This is a spoiler only if you have a thing for a certain type of vintage American dinnerware.

For all the internet chatter about last night’s episode of Mad Men, every single recap has missed an important and breathtaking moment. I am happy to rectify that. There were two fabulous stars on screen during the episode’s most talked about moment: Everyone’s heroine, Trudy … and her cup of coffee.

Stangl power

Here sits Trudy waiting – just waiting – for her worm of a husband to open his mouth. And she is waiting behind Stangl’s Amber Glo. When I went back to look at the recording of this episode, I realized there was more. Here, although the main focus of the shot is on a used dishtowel, you can plainly see the edge of the cup and saucer plus a luncheon plate.

I just love this pattern. Doesn’t it just scream “GAS COMPANY”?

I also spied a wee little creamer almost out of frame and when I snapped this, I didn’t realize that I also captured the Line Of The Night from my recording with closed captioning enabled.


Also, why is there not a twitter user named @petescoatrack? That is a main character if I’ve ever seen one.

If I was Pete’s coat rack, I would demand that scene be shot over with better lighting.

I’m torn about this because I want to accuse the set decorators of adding that off-kilter caned center decoration to make the coat rack look worse as a symbolic representation of how little Pete cares about where he pitifully conducts himself. Without that and without the horror film shadows, the rack really isn’t so awful.

Come to think of it, I’ve only seen this kind of thing in PBS Britcoms, so it has me wondering if he plundered what was left in Lane Pryce God Rest His Soul’s office. That would be gruesome but really, there’s no reason to have this here – clearly, there is a built-in coat closet right in that foyer. Odd.

3 thoughts on “Must I Do Everything?

  1. Bravo on all three counts! That the blood was still fresh on the consumed my focus on that brief shot, though my tastes are too pedestrian to have noticed the china. I doubt Trudy is bluffing.

    I also think Pete’s Coat Rack finds Pete as loathsome and despicable as we, and, having more self respect than that creepy butt-weasel, wouldn’t stoop to tweeting tawdry scoop.

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