The President’s Wife

The players may change but the smothering stench of the nanny state never does.

I didn’t want to do it but I couldn’t stop myself – I read the entire Eisenhower section first. I rarely read a book out of order but oh that Mamie! So now I have to start at the beginning and choke down Eleanor Roosevelt. Summary so far: she was ill at ease, loud, rejected formality and had big teeth.

J.B. West writes of his First Ladies in a kind and considerate way, casting them in the best possible light through carefully chosen wording. In this section, he comes right out and says E and FDR didn’t sleep together, didn’t eat together, didn’t travel together, didn’t like each other’s friends and associates and only spent time together at scheduled times when E was pushing her case for pet projects and the executive might to promote them or for public events to further the administration’s agenda.

Looks like TIME may have portrayed the wrong the wrong Obama  on the cover.

6 thoughts on “The President’s Wife”

  1. Was Upstairs at the White House a network mini-series back in the day? I remember it was way before it’s time, and delicious. Makes me hopey that a publisher is going to make a Michelle hand-maiden a gazillonaire with full privacy protection and a pen name for that juicilisious story 😉

  2. Keep in mind that in 2008 the current FLOTUS threatened to stay in Chicago with the kids rather than reside in the White House. The prospect of this PR disaster gave her the leverage to get extraordinary power (and an extraordinary budget).

    Arguably she has more FL power than anyone (incl. Our Hil) since Edith Bolling Wilson, who, it should be remembered, actually ran the country after her husband suffered a debilitating stroke. Mrs. Wilson actually conspired with Colonel Edward House to prevent the succession of VP Thomas Marshall by hiding the extent of her husband’s condition.

    In other words, she subverted the Constitution. MO has yet to do that.


    So far as we know.

  3. Late to the party.

    Suzette…after you research Lady Bird, please check out Flossie Harding. I think she may win the prize of how to deal with a president who parties and strays. Ptomaine in your crab!

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