Rear Window

This picture was taken from my second floor bathroom.

photo (1)

These yews – taller than they look here – are all that’s left between my yard and the gen pop  on the next street. They’ve stood thick and magnificently dark green at the edge of the wild tangle of feral trees and volunteer grapevines and poison ivy stems as thick as a baseball bat. When I looked out the window today, I see that they are sort of sickly yellow in some places and kind of sparse. This isn’t good.

So this is what it’s come to:


Now maybe that looks tacky to you but I have to tell you that I am thrilled to death by the addition of an inexpensive vinyl reed roll up shade to the gazebo. I have two more for the sides. It might look like a cobbled together poor man’s sweat lodge from the outside, but from the inside it is a lovely cabana – ca BAN ya! – that positively glows when the sun shines.

Right now the stupid orange bench is on top of the the picnic table. I should get a grip on myself and finish painting it even though the thrill is gone. I might not have trees, I might not have any actual grass, but by God I’ve got a cabana and I’m going to maximize its usage.


4 thoughts on “Rear Window

  1. Yes, you have to get it together! There’s another gathering storm on the horizon: A. Weiner is planning to be mayor of NYC and no one has heard what the rehab nurse has to say about it! Meanwhile, hopefully, Lars Thorwald will not kill his wife and spare you the expense of buying high-powered binoculars.

  2. Two words: European barberry.

    Barberry has become the environmental equivalent of “politically incorrect” in that it is often referred to as an “invasive species.” Native plantings are all the rage now, but invasives like barberry are taking over backyards because they are hardy and the deer don’t eat them.

    Plus, according to the University of Maryland medical faculty, “It has been used in Indian folk medicine to treat diarrhea, reduce fever, improve appetite, relieve upset stomach, and promote vigor as well as a sense of well being.”

    Vigor! Well-being! Martinis on the deck under the canopy!

    I rest my case.

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