Deck Prep

Although we had a only a small amount of snow and not too many really cold days and nights here,  we sure have had every other weather event here since last we were out on the summertime deck. And save for a few gone but not forgotten trees, nothing has suffered more than my beloved Jack ‘n Jill chair.

here it is in its former summertime glory (l) compared to what we see today (r)

I love this piece of furniture beyond reason and it just can’t last another summer. Sami said he’d replace the  bad parts but when he started to look it over, he discovered that all the parts are bad. The green stain might look good in places but underneath it’s all rot. So we’re talking a complete re-build. Probably No. 2 pine. Probably red cedar arms and table. Probably going to take all summer to do it.

zzThere was a moment a week or two ago when we were sitting transfixed in front of the TV watching a vendor on QVC sing out the merits of a zero-gravity recliner. We almost pushed the button on ordering two of them but in the end, I said we didn’t really have room for them out on the deck. So now maybe that’s a real option. (I don’t know – they look a little awkward for an unsteady gimp to get into.) But then we’d have to get a thing for the umbrella and now it’s a bigger deal.

And then what about the Jack and Jill?  Maybe we’ll get lucky and we’ll find another one out on the curb for garbage pick up but chances for that are really slim. I will entertain the notion that perhaps I am overly involved in this stuff, but who will even remember them if we just let them go? The way it is now, for all of it’s millions of arcane offering -most of which are outright junk – you can’t even find these on eBay. Do a google image search and my own photos are numbers 2 and 3 in the results and then you will see nothing ever again.

I consider this a personal triumph
I consider this a personal triumph

I can’t be the only one who loves this stuff. I know it’s from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s and the likelihood that even though it may have been beloved by someone, most of it is just a splintered, rotted memory now.

So I don’t know. I’m going to spend the next day or so painting up a 26 year old wood and iron bench for the front stoopscape and that will occupy me and make me less sad. The stoopscape, by the way, has kind of wandered away from the original  Happy Hour In a Mexican Restaurant On Second Avenue theme and is now leaning towards Gypsy Caravan. I hope it won’t interpreted as a sign of welcome for those maverick driveway pavers who come around knocking on suburban doors offering to lay down aspahlt.

6 thoughts on “Deck Prep”

  1. Don’t despair; if you really, really, love that chair it can be saved. There are professionals who can bring back the most rickety of wooden furniture with fillers, carefully crafted supports, and it might cost about the same as the weird deck chair ‘as seen on TV’.
    Even a local handyman could help.

  2. I know you will cringe at the thought, but there’s Etsy and Craigslist. I’ve seen a lot of similar chairs on Etsy. But that may be because I was looking for patio furniture in L.A. could try the “shop local” search on Etsy for your area. Maybe that style of chair is even more popular where you live!

    1. One last thing. They may not have originally been patio furniture. They could easily have been indoor furniture that had long ago fulfilled it’s purpose and then was left to moulder away outside until they became re-purposed as deck chairs. You may need to re-up your search terms.

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