The Weather Channel app for iPhone is now so cluttered with ads and videos and pollen counts etc that I find it very annoying. I was looking for something much more simple when I came across Yesterday’s Weather.

Fullscreen capture 422013 81822 AM

It is perfection. At first, I thought it would be perfect for Sami because all he ever wants to know is what kind of jacket should he take with him, but the more I looked at it, the more I realized that this is what I’m looking for as well. It’s like finding out about the weather from your mom.

In other nature news, the skies are suddenly full of carnivorous birds. You can hardly look up without spotting a red-tailed hawk. Driving along Rt 80 is like going to The Hawk Show. There was a very big fallen bird on the shoulder of the road when I was winding my way through the Delaware Water Gap last weekend and a band of about 8 red tails kept diving down to snatch off pieces of it despite the stream of cars right next to it. I even saw two turkey buzzards flapping up from the road side farther into NJ.

My most frequently spotted birds, though are the stupid Canada Geese that hang around my office parking lot. I wouldn’t be opposed to witnessing a little blood and guts if they were hawks instead. At least you’d see some good air shows. 

On second thought, maybe not.

4 thoughts on “Nature”

  1. The Weather Channel has become some kind of weird attention-whore in recent years. I remember when it was “just the weather, ma’am” but now they have to dude it up with all kinds of extraneous stuff. And anymore, on the television version, there’s some crazy reality program instead of actual, you know, weather.

    On my ‘puter, I usually use the NOAA weather ( It’s less frantic, and I figure my taxes paid for it, so I might as well use it…

  2. Life is simple for me as far as weather goes. I live in Wyoming it’s cold and snowy until June. Then it rains for a month. July through September are spectacular. Then it’s winter again.

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