It used to be that I could save it up for days and not even think about it. Back then, even if I did get a signal, I could comply or ignore as I chose. Or I could even wait until a convenient time for me and although it might have taken a little time, summon something up. But none of that is the case anymore.

The thing you have to understand about me is that I am a Last Minute Annie. That’s not a bad thing – I know myself and I work best under a tight deadline. so no matter what I do – whether hostessing a party or leaving on a business trip – I have a countdown.  Don’t ask me for a sandwich when I’m laying out the hors d’oeuvre and don’t try to “help” me by asking if I have my charger or if I printed my boarding pass.   The countdown is unforgiving and I do not have time to add in  those activities.

Well here we are in modern times and the fates have cursed me with regularity.

Dear Fates,

Do not want.

thxkbai – Suzette

I don’t have time for this every morning!  This is really messing me up in terms of my basic freedom to do what I want when I plan on doing it.  Maybe Oprah would welcome this development as the biggest moment of the day, but not me. I have other things to do and I want to do them in my preferred order on my own timeline and now my countdown is all gone to crap.

9 thoughts on “Passages”

  1. Oh, dear. This sounds ominous. You’re not thinking of leaving us, are you? Confession – you seem to be my alter ego. Everything you write about yourself applies to me as well, including ethnic backgrounds, working life (medical), and “last-minuteness.” Only you do things with humor and assuredness and wit that I lack. Therefore, I would hate to see the end of your blog.

    Or am I reading too much into the above post?

  2. Is someone messing with you? Count to 10 before you throw that rock. Now nail that sucker when your aim is better.

  3. Ha! I just reread it. Very subtle. You have lots of company, Suzette. But consider the alternative…. Friend’s son in hospital dealing with blocked intestine. Surgery a must unless something gives. Not pretty.

    So smile with me! 🙂

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