Hey Kids What Time Is It?



UPDATE: Sami and I are having a little bicker about when to cook some of the Easter dinner items. My menu is filled with nostalgia:  it’s the typical northeastern Pennsylvania holiday menu: ham, baked lima beans, cole slaw and potato salad1. The beans and the cole slaw have to be done ahead in order to be at the right level of maturity for Sunday dinner. Sami, claiming lack of refrigerator space, stopped my plans to cut cabbage last night. But I have to so something today because I’m out of town on Saturday  and Sunday morning will be too late. If it’s refrigerator space that’s the issue, I am going to propose that we get rid of the 12+ year old can of decaf coffee to make room. His position is that someone could drop by at any time and request decaf coffee2 and we should be prepared so my proposal is sure to escalate the bickering up to  squabble level.

Family holidays! Amirite?

1 Plus stuffed shells and a yet to be determined dish made of butternut squash and beluga lentils.

2 I pity the fool who would have to actually drink this.


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