This Is Bullshit


as if Monday wasn’t bad enough on its own


11 thoughts on “This Is Bullshit

  1. Oh noes!! What about your Talavera chicken and your red bench and your margaritas at sunset? Nature is a bitch. Besides, it is almost April and its not as if you live in Siberia, right? So sorry. Summer better be pretty darn fantastic to make up for this.

  2. It is bullshit. It’s The Profit Algore’s (peas be upon him) incessant bloviating about global warming (Gaea is the one true doG) that brought this curse into thy Garden.

  3. To an optimist, that would call for a remark like: “Oh good. We can put some in the freezer for snow cones this summer.”

    I don’t know any optimists. If I did, I’d probably spit on their shoe.

  4. We got pretty much the same here, although the roads stayed merely wet and errands were not impaired. Neither Spouse nor I have to commute at the moment, so we stayed in for another cuppa coffee.

  5. We got 9 inches on Sunday/Monday. Fortunately, a great deal has melted and we are to be at 50 degrees on Friday. That is STILL 10 degrees lower than normal, so please send me some global warming. I would rather deal with tropical temperatures than a new ice age.

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