Everybody can enhance their life by taking on a hobby and mine is collecting images of smallpox vaccination scars on celebrities. Joining Elizabeth Taylor and World Famous Fashion Icon and Busy Mom Michelle Obama, here is everybody’s favorite mom Joan Crawford making gaga eyes at a Samantha Stevens’ father in a 1934 movie. The luxurious  loops  of her satin cocktail dress really showcase the scar. Everybody had one then so it wasn’t remarkable but you don’t see them around so much now.

I doubt very much if an older and more powerful JC would have let this be seen by her adoring public.

In other hobbyish news, I cooked the best pot of chili con carne ever. You know that I cook as a hobbyist rather than a sustenance provider and the mood struck me yesterday.  The secret – which I will share with you now – is to add a can of Lime & Cilantro Rotel  and a bit of chopped up prosciutto. Hey look at this recipe for prosciutto cups with radish salad and mustard seed caviar. That looks easy enough.  Considering the fact that I now have 4 pounds of teeny black Beluga lentils in my possession, I might just go with that on top instead of the mustard seeds. Or maybe a mix. It’s going to take a lot of hors d’oeuvres to use up 4 pounds of lentils.


Also, who feels spring stirring in their breast today? I do.


4 thoughts on “Hobby”

  1. Historically speaking, it must have been decided at some point to give children the vaccine in the butt to avoid the beauty mark. Do you know what decade that was?

  2. My thoughtful Mom, who hated her vaccination mark (but was very approving of immunization against all the nasty stuff), had mine done on the inside of my thigh. She had otherwise lovely arms and liked to wear sleeveless dresses.

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