Welcome Spring!

In honor of your inner gardener on the first day of spring, here’s a photo of First Lady Lady Bird Johnson’s ceremonial garden shovel and trowel.  Our Presidents

In a remarkable coincidence, the above picture of Lady Bird planting pansies appeared on the internet on the very day that your blogger Suzette bought a 6 pack of pansies from the garden section of Home Depot. Lady Bird and I are in tune.

BREATHLESS GARDENING UPDATE!  After YEARS of searching for just the right kind of watering can and coming up with only crappy base model plastic ones or ridiculous  metal ones at the same cost as an iPhone, suddenly the kind I want is everywhere at a reasonable price. this is the one I’m going to get:

3 Gal FRENCH WATERING CAN – $24.95 Gardener’s Supply Company

I am totally willing to spend $25 bucks on a watering can because the rose is made of metal. Also, I love that big round handle like a steering wheel.  Can you not just see me flooding out a Mexican turtle every morning with that thing? Start swimming,  El Cabron.

FYI – I would never be friends with a woman like the one pictured holding the watering can. Too  intense. Probably has her bathrooms cleaned every day by 8am. Not my type.

14 thoughts on “Welcome Spring!”

      1. Sweet Dame Nature! I believe your Gardening Goddess costume is the inspiration behind your twitter photo. Extremely well done!

  1. Ladybird hated ugliness, so she used the law to force people to remove billboards and beautify the highways.

    I wished she’d stayed in her own yard…and kept her husband on a short leash.

  2. And here it’s almost too late for any kind of flowers. Already in the 90s here. Well, other than the Texas purple sage, which seems to bloom irregularly throughout the year. I remember driving thru Texas back in the last century and seeing the result of Lady Bird’s wildflowers all along the highway. Beautiful bluebells. Or so I was told they were.

    1. Bluebonnets, which are the state flower of Texas. It used to be part of TxDot projects to plant wildflowers, with bluebonnets included.

      At one time, all the header banks on IH-10 were covered with bluebonnets every spring in Houston. It was a pleasant sight, but now over. There is mostly concrete and steel. The traffic demand left no room for planted ground.

      1. You are so right, Jess. I only lived in Corpus Christi for a couple of year, so wasn’t a true Texan. I do remember Lady Bird trying to make the roadsides beautiful.

  3. I look at watering can woman and I see someone who used to get all hysterical at Rick Springfield concerts.

  4. LMAO! I too am here in MN like Kate J waiting for spring. Thank you Suzette for making me chuckle right when I need it:-)

  5. OK, I guess I’ll go there: Contrast the photo of Mrs. Johnson gardening with her sweet smile, demure demeanor and dress with that of the current occupant displaying her nether regions for all to see.

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