“It may amaze you gentleman that Orkut is still up and running”

In which I agree with Hitler.

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I admit that I am a suspicious person by nature but really – does it make sense to you that of all their questionable products, Google picked GoogleReader to eliminate? Don’t even get me started about Google+ and did you know that Urban Dictionary already has a definition for Glasshole?

Ok let me state for the record that GoogleReader is how I read the internet. Period. Call me a Luddite circa 2001 but I’m still interested in original thought and personal perspective. I use GoogleReader to cobble together my own weird collection of  news sources, recipe sites, decorating advice, humorous and personal blogs and presidential archives. That’s not what Twitter gives me let alone the godforsaken Facebook.

There’s something about this that doesn’t smell right to me. Could it be the old Classic Coke ploy to announce the end of a product and then at the last minute, it’s saved from extinction but only to take on a different form?

I don’t know but this is one more reason that Google disgusts me and I’m sick of the discussion already.

7 thoughts on ““It may amaze you gentleman that Orkut is still up and running””

  1. I just signed up for NewsBlur because it seemed the simplest of the alternatives. I couldn’t figure out NetVibes and I believe I am fairly tech literate. We’ll see how it goes after using it for a while.

  2. Voici:


    The beauty of the Internet wag is the facile use of extended logic. Extended logic is to the digital cynic what the opposable thumb is to human evolution.

    Speaking of facile – in one month of owning an iPad I find that it is without a doubt one of the worst devices you can use to leave blog comments. Therefore I have no choice now but to get off the couch while surfing and watching NCIS reruns and head out to my desk to comment on important issues of the day.

    If one of my old girlfriends was here she would say, “Hey Google, you can eff me, you can eff me runnin’!”

    I had no idea then and I have no idea now, it just seems appropriate.

    FB has been described as the newspaper for people who like to know what their friends are doing. Under this scenario these people eventually get around to the news (e.g. popes, poop cruises, politics etc) but first they want to look at friends’ vacation photos.

    No, really.

    RSS is for the hardcore information junkie who was always ready to get down to business. RSS let you skip the minutia that is the comments while having the good manners to never ask such crass questions as, “Thumbs up or thumbs down for that story?” That’s why RSS is like being in the Court of Versailles and FB is being thrown to the mercy of The First Citizen.

    As far as alternatives to Reader are concerned the only analogy is, which Norovirus-infused poop cruise do you want to take?

    BTW – due to a server error my own blog went AWOL for five days. When it came back what little that’s there was all in tact including my last post about being The World’s Worst Catholic. While that topic has been previously explored this time I left out the part about wanting a pope who favored a return to the Dominican Latin Mass and Liberation Theology. Not that will ever happen, but as Descartes said, “The Church can’t stop me from makin’ sh*t up in my head!”

    Granted, his writing comes off much better in the original French.



  3. What’s the French governmental metaphor for me? I start with RSS but then feel an inexorable desire to use it as the basis for snarky comments on FB.

    Help me, Obi Wan!!

  4. Just went to try out Newsblur, only to discover that due to overwhelming demand, free accounts are not available. They’d be glad to let me pay for an account, however. Phooey.

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