Obama Voter

About a year ago, I got an email out of the blue that said this in it’s entirety: ur wildly racist


It was one of those cowardly hit-and-run insults from someone who assumed he was anonymous on the internet. But the big dummy used an email address that contained his real name and his baby picture. It was easy to find him and tie this baby picture to his adult picture, find out where he lived what he’s doing and who his relatives are. But in the end, I left him alone.

Then what do you think happened? The big dummy sent me an invitation to connect with him on LinkedIn. What he believes our connection is remains unclear to me.


6 thoughts on “Obama Voter

  1. A few years ago, when the MSM was still promoting MO as a “fashion Icon” and I saw a photo posted of her wearing one of her iconic clown outfits of every color in the crayon box, tied together with a boob belt, my comment that it was a “clownish” looking get-up, I was jumped on as “RACIST or hater”, whichever.

    There’s no defense, no reasoning for that kind of attack.
    Shake it off, it’s part of today’s culture to call someone a vile name.

  2. If it weren’t so much trouble , and ultimately depressing as hell, it would be “fun” to be his wildly racist friend for the purpose of providing “diversity” to his life.

  3. Stupid is as stupid does. I had a HORRIBLE student one semester – whiny, pain in the neck, tried to claim I was skipping out on my office hours when other students were able to say he was lying, lied to me, tried to get me in trouble with the administration….

    then he graduated, and asked me to link with him on Linked In.
    Oh, HAIL no.

    (Though I wonder if there’s a “just send an invite to anyone you’ve ever e-mailed” option. That would explain a lot).

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