Happy Monday

  • Am I eligible for body donation?
    • Most people who want to donate can! There is no upper age limit and most disease processes are acceptable. The most common reasons for decline are a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B or C, history of illegal drug use, incarceration or institutionalization and being severely over or under weight at the time of death. XXXX accepts donations from all states within the continental United States except New Jersey and Minnesota.

Well there goes my plan to keep burial expenses down. New Jersey also lacks enough coyotes to make dying in the backyard a feasible plan. Other questions and answers:

  • What is the memory tube?
    • The memory tube is a small glass tube 1/2 inch in diameter and about 3 inches long that screws into the end of the casket.  The funeral home puts the person’s identity in there.  The funeral home uses this to up-sell the customer.  They say if there should be a flood and the casket comes up, we can identify the body without having to open the casket.  Scary thought, so you pay the extra money.  Anyway, ALL of our caskets come with the memory tube.
  • Just because Walmart started selling caskets does not mean that they have the cheapest priced caskets, no way.

UPDATE: I’m fine! I’m fine! I was just looking around.

7 thoughts on “Happy Monday”

  1. I was considering doing the same – whole body donation at death. However, when I told my mother, she started to cry. She wants me on the family plot. So I’ve opted for organ donation instead. Hopefully, I’ll be too old when I die to donate.

  2. Yeah. I’m not sure I’m understanding that whole body donation thing. On many websites, it says your cremated remains will be returned to your family. What remains? Do they not use the whole body? Or do they just cut off the parts they like and cremate the rest. Doesn’t matter I guess.

  3. I guess the thought of being buried freaked me out when I was a young child. One of the stories told at family gatherings is how I tearfully told my mother “I don’t want dirt on your face.”

    Of course, that can never happen with the technology of today….or can it? I guess I’m still a little freaked out. Maybe the future holds sending my remains into the sun on a rocket ship. That would be cool, although it would make it hard for someone to visit my final resting place. Then again, every time they enjoyed a sunny day, they would think of me.

  4. On a Sunday this past October, the man across the street was found dead by his sister, about 8:00 A.M. and at 8:30 that evening, the lady down the street died. Anyway, I was told the lady had donated her body to science and there would be no service of any kind. This was my first experience to know someone that did the body donating.

    I have explicit orders for cremation and scattering of my ashes. I don’t want to be underground and I don’t want anyone to have to come visit me.

    BTW, Suzette: I like your questions for FLOTUS.

  5. Take what of mine can be medically beneficial, cremate the rest and leave the bag out by the dumpster for pick up.

  6. There are also several “Body Farm” type places, where your donated body is placed out in a secure location and allowed to return to nature more or less naturally. The idea is, it allows them to study the processes so they can have a better shot at solving unsolved murders. (Or something like that).

    I’ve seriously considered that (though transport would be an issue) because when I kick off, there will probably be no one left who would really care, so the whole idea of being conventionally buried seems pointless.

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