It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring)

Hyperlocal signs of spring:

Porch furniture: I’ve been lobbying for Sami to take one old green bench to the front stoop so that I can better gauge my Mexican Restaurant Happy Hour accessories and he has been holding me off by reminding me that it’s still winter. I know it doesn’t sound like a thing like that would stop be but we did have a slow smoldering snowfall over  2 days this week.  It was all gone by the third day. On the forth day, our neighbors put out their 3-piece suite of white wicker, pads and all. On the fifth day, Sami brought the bench around. All things come to those who wait. Bringing it up every hour or two doesn’t hurt either.

Rubber floor mats: I had a one-piece rear floor mat that I kept in use through the my last two cars. When I got my new car, I just balled it up and stuck it in the cargo area along with some other odds and ends. Today I brought it out, hosed it off, dried it in the sun and it took it’s proper place on the floor of the back seat.

Birds. There are birds. I was a little worried about this since the Creek Project Turned Bad denuded my yard of all things arboreal.

Christmas Be Gone. The last of the Christmas items (an unopened package of ornament hooks)  made their way to their permanent places on the second floor. Ok that was a lie. There’s still two teddy bear figurines wearing Santa hats that need to be addressed. At this point, I think I’ll just shove them into a drawer somewhere.

3 thoughts on “It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring)”

  1. Jealous.
    It was so cold last week a spilled Diet Pepsi froze on contact with our concrete steps. We weren’t able to clean it up in liquid form until Saturday.

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