This sequester crap is no joke, man. My daily activities are so much more painful now. Good job, Jug Ears – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Here is a partial list of deprivations, hardships and slow downs that I have noted since this whole thing began:

  • No limes on United flight back from Denver.
  • Ran out of facial tissue in my upstairs bathroom; re-supply extremely slow
  • Stopped at a McDonald’s on Route 206 – no Shamrock Shakes available despite nation-wide advertising blitz leading me to expect one
  • No one put out my garbage can for pickup this week
  • Had to eat chicken for dinner three nights in a row
  • Spotted little girls obviously let loose from the same orphanage that provided them bright green clothing and matching berets trying to earn money by selling boxed cookies outside of store entrances WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN
  • No guides available to lead me through tour of newly opened Big Lots! store in at the Freehold Mall
  • Suddenly became aware of large numbers of newly released Mexican chicken planters on eBay; one of them looks like Janet Napolitano. DHS connection? Possible safety concern for me since I am likely to get bonked on the head if I show up with one more item of questionable decor for an 8’x8′ outdoor space.

And this is only a few days! Imagine if life is like this permanently because of  … what is it again?


9 thoughts on “Sequestered

  1. They were smart to close the White House tours during sequestration. Imagine how bad it would be if MO, Malaria and Sausage were all sequestering at the same time!?!!!

  2. I couldn’t function for a week or two after the election, when I realized we were stuck for another four years. And then your blog saved me. I found your 2008 and 2009 posts about our “royal” family and laughed out loud. Thanks so much for sharing your wit. And please keep it up. You’re my therapy – you make me so happy!

  3. I sympathize with you sister; it’s getting brutal here in Arizona. It’s been raining for 12 hours straight and with sequestration it’s not known if we’ll get to see the sun again.
    The illegal aliens who don’t speak Engish have confused “sequestration” with “quinceanera” and think we’re about to have a party for young girls.
    It’s all to sad to go on…………………….

  4. I am shocked – shocked! – not to read something from you regarding the administration’s claims that the sequester has reduced the funding for child immunizations! (What with you being one of those pro-pharma fanatics who think that injecting chemicals into people actually helps them…)

    Of course, even the Washington Post had to revoke its willing suspension of disbelief re: all things #44 and mention that the 2012 Budget that came from the White House (the one nobody from either party voted for) also had cuts to funding for child immunizations. But since the sequester is the Republicans’ fault that is now a bad thing.

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