Victims of The Steady March Of Time

#1 I can’t find my engagement ring.

#2. I can’t find my marriage license.

Here’s another thing; last week when I was in a posh hotel, I looked at myself in that round magnifying glass that hangs on the bathroom wall. Man, there’s a lot of gray hairs in there! I was really looking to see if the pesky chin hair was growing back but what I found instead was a shocking amount of gray hairs at my temples. They are not in general easy to see because of a combination of my naturally blonde hair and the highlights and streaks I have applied to it periodically. Lack of time made me miss one or two highlighting sessions and strong light magnified 10X made them impossible to miss. I only had a quick look and then recoiled from my own image. It was all I could take for a first encounter.

p.s. The chin hair still has not reappeared. Unless it’s coiled up to avoid detection and waiting to unreel itself at the most embarrassing moment.


11 thoughts on “Victims of The Steady March Of Time

  1. #3. You can find your husband. My s-i-l would throw all that other stuff away to have my late brother back. So would I.

      • Not at all. I do think there’s a master plan at work:
        – I only wear that ring when I feel like I can gain an advantage by intimidating others. So maybe someone is trying to teach me the value of humility.
        – I need the marriage license as proof of spouse to add Sami to my healthcare plan. So maybe someone is trying to teach me the value of organization.
        – I have St.Jude busy on other matters so I think I’m going to consult St. Clairol for #3.

  2. I visited w my grandkids a few weeks ago, and 8 year old said, “Grandmommy, I felt your chin and it feels like you have a beard.” Sadly, he’s right.

  3. I hope you can find your lost items soon.
    If any of you young ‘uns have more than one marriage, start looking for those marriage licenses, now. You’re going to need proof for a lot of legal things for Social Security, licenses, Social Security numbers of past spouses, dates of marriage/and divorce, birth certificates.

    I know. I had to find proof a marriage performed in 1960 by a Justice of the Peace in a city/county that I couldn’t remember. Sheer luck helped there and a faded pay stub with the SS number written on it.

  4. I received a brand new dertified copy of our marriage license a few years ago after I called the records department of the county seat where we were married in 1962. As I recall, they accepted my mastercard and it was less than 10 dollars. This was New Mexico but other states are probably similar..

  5. Consider yourself lucky to have only 1 chin/waddle hair. From what I’ve gleaned from your blog, you have about a 15/20 year head start in life on me, but I got you beat by a few million-dozen chin/waddle hairs. It really sucks to have to plan ahead with the waxing sessions as to not frighten the dentist… meaning I’d be so embarrassed for him to see my beard.

    Recently I had to get a certified copy of my marriage license for something, but can’t remember what it was. But, I do recall something peculiar about living in San Diego. They allow people to marry in San Diego county and only be married in San Diego county by choosing to have a “private” vs. public marriage license. Rather odd I thought. The private marriage licenses are only valid in San Diego county and can not be found in a public records search. Thanks San Diego for making bigamy so much easier.

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