Where In The World Is Cripes Suzette?*

Hello loyal readers! Are you missing my daily spew about nothing in particular? I’ve had things on my mind but I’m pleased to share the happy ending with you now in a very abbreviated message:

My godson – the only son of my only blood sibling** – went into liver failure this year and had been rapidly sickening while he waited 8 months for a new liver. His current hospital admission is now in its 46th day during which time he faced a blood stream infection, pneumonia, infected leg with consideration of amputation, serious cardiac rhythm issues, untold number of blood and blood product transfusions sometimes 10 a day, renal failure and dialysis … I’m sure I’ve forgotten a crisis or two in there.

Last Monday – after two false starts where good livers became available but he was not in shape to withstand surgery – all the stars finally aligned and he was successfully transplanted. for those of you who knew and held your breath along with me – thank you!

He has a long way to go for full recovery, including a month in a rehab center to get him on his pins again but at least he’s alive and the liver is functioning and all the damage to his body is slowly slowing reversing.

And he’s alive with a long-term prognosis of staying alive. That’s something we haven’t been hearing for a good long time.

  •  *working like a dog 12-13 hours a day1
  • visiting Geisinger Medical Center in Danville PA every weekend since Christmas2
  • Denver3
  1. The federal government is no joke. Well, it is kind of a joke but it’s a very time-consuming one.
  2. A 350-mile round trip
  3. No more inconvenient and unattractive city in the USA.

** My sister. I have another sibling related not by blood but by everything else whom I refer to as my seestor, or as Sami calls us “two cheeks of the same ass”.

p.s. New half-baked plan for my Mexican restaurant happy hour stoopscape: Instead of the wicker chair, I’m thinking of painting one of my old benches red with primitive flowers on the top back slat like this. Sami, of course, cannot handle it.

19 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Cripes Suzette?*”

  1. God bless your nephew. Prayers for his speedy recovery. Yes, you have been missed. I love the Mexican restaurant chair. Sami should surely have developed a sense of humor by now, now?

  2. That is good news.

    That also confirms my suspicion that you are a Godmother, with all the powers and privileges attendant thereto. The question remains, however, as to whether or not you are a Fairy Godmother.

    I’m thinking FGM Second Class, still awaiting your wand.

  3. Wishing your godson all the good luck in the world for a full and lasting recovery. I signed up to be an organ donor just last year and feel good about that.

  4. Wow! That’s a lot to take in, but I am so happy for your godson’s prognosis. It seems a corporate victory for all of us who suffer with only one or two ailments to see someone rally to overcome so much adversity and stick it to the Grim one.

    “Two cheeks of the same ass”

    Peace and rest to you and yours.

  5. Nice to have some good news!!! Glad he is on the path to recovery. I think either choice would be good for the stoop!!!!

  6. What good news, prayers for a speedy and sucessful recovery.

    re: the ‘mexican’ bench. First you have to remove one of it’s legs and replace it with a empty 5 gallon plastic paint can. You can then paint away (no need to paint the can).
    Yeahhhh, I’m not very pro-mexican. sorry.

  7. So glad to hear your Godson/nephew is doing better. I was concerned when you had to hospital picture on Twitter and you weren’t posting. Hopefully he is on his way to a better life.

    Love the red bench, but is there going to be enough room on the stoop? Or is your bench smaller?

  8. Best wished to your Godson. I like the bench, but I’d never be able to do the painting well enough. Denver has many flaws, being librul with all the lovelies that go with that is one of the biggies.

  9. My brother died of liver failure. Which makes hearing about your nephew even more poignant. Get out of that bed, young man!

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