Do Not Judge I Have My Reasons

Sometimes if I want to just check things out, I register as my old dead dog. Right now, he’s is masquerading as a young woman for a free trial on a popular dating website.  Don’t worry – I’m not contacting any of them, I’m just reading their bios. There’s lots of jolly good guys out there!

But here’s the thing – I can’t help noticing that those who mention a specific breed of dog that they prefer write it as “german sheppard”. It’s consistant on several of the bios that I’m reading. Now did I miss something? Have we changed the way we spell that dog breed? Forget entirely that they were originally meant to herd sheep?

If I was a young girl meeting any of these guys, I would invent some kind of corny parlor trick that involved them writing things down and say it was an icebreaker and one of the things would be “German Shepherd” and if they didn’t spell it just that way, the date would be over right then.

Unless he checked off his occupation as Medical / Dental / Veterinary with a salary range minimum of $100,000 to $150,000 then I’d give him a second chance. You’re cold, Bobthecorgi!

Also, I’m noticing a lot of hate for the users of the Scooter Store’s product. Is this part of the White House orchestrated plan to eliminate the defective consumers of medical resources? Or is it just another opportunity to shame shaming of the overweight?  Let me just say that it was a huge step for me to take when I finally admitted that I get along better with a cane – I can’t imagine the stress of trying to avoid but then finally succumbing to a motorized scooter as your best option for mobility.

And then there’s this little nicety: 

“Airports across the country say more able-bodied travelers have figured out they can use wheelchairs for convenience, making waits a lot longer for travelers with genuine needs.

At Los Angeles International Airport, airlines and companies that provide wheelchair service estimate 15% of all requests are phony, said Lawrence Rolon, coordinator for disabled services for Los Angeles World Airports. Airport officials estimate nearly 300 wheelchair requests a day are bogus. “It’s just a big mess,” Mr. Rolon said. “Abusers are really impacting the operation.”

from The Wall Street Journal for God’s sake

Oh yeah? Well, as a regular user of airport wheelchairs all over the country, I estimate 25% of wheelchair pushers are hiding in dark corners kissing each other and getting felt up by the baggage handlers and that is what’s impacting the operation. Report that, you feckless journalists.

5 thoughts on “Do Not Judge I Have My Reasons”

  1. I agree with you so much. Spelling is very important to me and one of the banes of my life is “spellcheck.” I work for a law firm and everybody is often reminded to use “spellcheck.” Forget that one can type the wrong word but if it is spelled correctly, spellcheck will not detect it. Perhaps there is an advanced edition of spellcheck that is more accurate but I have yet to see it. My local newspaper uses spellcheck and there are so many spelling and other errors. The sad thing is that people won’t pay as much attention to spelling words correctly and will rely on a faulty invention for lazy men.

  2. As Bobthecorgi do you find your options are limited to dog owners?
    I’m bemused by the hostility to scooter store users. I was always annoyed by the commercial saying “At no cost to you!” I thought, well, someone is paying for it probably me. Now the left has started to get stingy with the oldsters, just as I’m becoming one. I’m getting paranoid that it’s just me they hate. Just one time I want to hear some hostility expressed by the left toward able bodied people who live on welfare. Then I’ll know they’re serious.

    1. Able bodied (and able minded, I’m sympathetic towards the mentally insane) people that live as welfare cheats piss me the heck off.

      Seriously – I’m not even able bodied and I hold down a full time job.

      Do you think that I’m serious, now?

  3. Is it the dating site with all the damn ads on YouTube? Can you tell them to knock it off or at least figure out that if some one is watching German bands from the 1970s (AKA Kraut Prog) that you’re probably dealing with some one who has pretty much had it with looking at Brad.

  4. The scooters are just the first wave of the crack-downs, because they are large and visible, and people can be easily outraged about them. Soon they will move on to cataract surgeries, knee replacements, and stents.

    We will be told that we can just sit in our homes and take pain pills until we shuffle off this mortal coil. Pffft. At least all the youngsters will get free birth control. I will comfort myself with that uplifting thought.

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