I’m sitting in my kitchen wondering how it happened that I moved away from surrounding myself with the cool calmness of pale greens and sedate black to the fireball of blistering reds and yellows.


It wasn’t a conscious decision – it just happened. So far my wardrobe is unchanged but if I should meet you one evening wearing a serape, don’t hesitate to point it out to me. I might not have realized.

Also, the turtle has landed! It is exquisite.

who among us does not love that little turtle tail?

8 thoughts on “Hmmm”

  1. Sometimes we just can’t deny our inner desires.
    I had gone with a sophisticated cranberry/black/cream decor and it worked until I found a Monet print of vibrant colors that I fell in love with. oh. well.
    Like Popeye..I am what I yam.

    1. The chef clock is still the centerpiece of my kitchen design scheme. I assumed he was Italian but now that I look at him with fresh eyes, I see that he might be Mexican. At least his mustache could be.

      look at the time! it’s already 25 knives past a fork!

      1. What have you done with the Frito Bandito and why do you have his mustache!?!

        Still lovin’ the wire coffee steam…

    1. eBay! Act surprised.

      There are a lot of different turtle styles from several sellers. Mine came from a seller called “mextrade_1”. they said it would take 3 weeks transit time to get here from Mexico but it was only 10 days.

      I was really after a chicken flower pot but the turtle captured my heart.

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