What Do You Think?


1. My daughter told me that my new car looks like a Storm Trooper. My sister told me it looks like a bullet. What do you think?

2. I’m trying to ignore it but now that I see it from a semi-aerial viewpoint, the 7 foot long x 3 foot deep trench between the oak trees that I raised from little acorns are doomed to die. What do you think?

3. It’s only one day plus one month until the first day of spring. I would like to know what’s taking so long for the stores to put out their flower pots and other happy hour patio accouterments already. What do you think?

4. This is the chair I’m going to put on my happy hour patio. I’m considering all colors except white and dark brown. I’m not sure I have the nerve to go with the impractical-for-the-future but oh-so-appealing red one. Or maybe the yellow one. No – red. Definitely red. Or yellow. What do you think?

13 thoughts on “What Do You Think?”

  1. Storm Trooper. Just sayin’.

    Not knowing the outside color of your home, but the lime green would look great against earth-tones, the red would rock against the cooler whites and beiges or even light greens. Yellow is good but can never stand alone like red can. Red has a street cred that yellow pretends to, but can’t hope to possess.

  2. 1. I like your daughter. And your car.

    2. I hope not. But we’re all doomed to die. Just the when, how and where have to be worked out.

    3. We’re due for a huge winter storm today after a month of spring weather which I spent mostly indoors redecorating…so I’m a little cranky.

    4. Joan is right. Red can hold its own. Yellow needs backup.

  3. 1. Storm Trooper – and very sleek and sexy. Too bad it’s not orange.

    2. Maybe not, but it depends on what damage was done to the roots when they dug the trench. Best get yourself a few more acorns just in case.

    3. Not being much of a shopper, I can’t comment on this one.

    4. Green! But then I’m a green kind of gal.

  4. 1. Storm Trooper.
    2. Probably. Is this more of the ditch repair extravaganza?
    3. Seriously, get with it, stores!
    4. Will this be on the front porch? Red in any case, but I’m thinking it will look great with the turtle. Neighbors have a gray house with 2 red Adirondack chairs on the porch — looks gorgeous. My choice would be “Ocean”, but that’s me.

  5. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t like the combination of red and brown. If your deck is brown colored, I think another color would be prettier. The chairs are beautiful.

  6. 1) Storm Trooper!
    2) They’ll hang on, they are mighty. Oaks.
    3) Seriously. I need colorful cocktail accoutrements.
    4) I like the red, but I like the green better with the turtle.

  7. 1. Storm Trooper!
    2. I hope they don’t die. I think Tami is right, they are mighty Oaks. They will survive.
    3. Swimsuits have been out for over a month. Why aren’t flower pots and other happy hour patio accouterments? Makes no sense to me.
    4. Red! Yellow will look lonely. Red doesn’t need friends.

  8. 1. Storm trooper. Great catch by daughter
    2. Probably doomed if not to die, then to fall down in a high wind
    3. Put the stuff out and give us hope that spring will come! People are making plans.
    4. I like the green or blue, but red is very bold. You can paint it any color you want to in the future. If I could paint it any color I’d go with hot coral.

  9. 1. Storm trooper, which is awesomeness
    2. Even speculating about this would cause them to die, that’s how bad I suck at gardening.
    3. CardHole 2.0 has the gardening stuff out now, but then again they put out the Valentine’s candy on Christmas Eve.
    4. Yellow.

  10. Commenting again hoping that LeeAnn sees it. I can’t get to your blog on the interwebs. I get a “forbidden” error LeeAnn and it’s killing me. I can get it in my RSS feed but can’t comment from there. HELP!!

  11. 1. Storm Trooper.

    4. Red unless you want it to match the turtle. Then, green. Red stands out. That’s a good thing.

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