Who Will Check the Checkers?

Is it just me or is spellcheck getting a little hard to deal with these days?

Its used to be that you just had to come close to what you were trying to peck out and then spellcheck would pop up with a  diversity of suggestions. Lately it seems like all of the suggested words are from the same family. And not only that, but once spellcheck has offered you the suggestions, it is not going to back down no matter how many letters you change. It’s getting to be like you have to almost spell the entire word correctly on your own unless you hit the right pop-up the first time.

Aaaand it’s entirely too eager to offer up a hyphenated word. Look at this:


This one isn’t so bad – at least spellcheck is still working in the realm of a word I believed was correct to start with. Now I admit that I do transpose a lot of letters when I type so I’m fully aware that I bring this on myself. It really goes wonky if you only get moderately close to typing what you want like  pullp or langeray.

Maybe its that new option in the op-up there called “Ask Google for suggestions”. That really isn’t an option for me. A more attractive option would be “Tell Google a suggestion”. I’d have a suggestion for Google and it might not be about spellchecking either.

Anyway. Spellcheck. It ain’t what it used to be.


2 thoughts on “Who Will Check the Checkers?

  1. Spellcheck is still so much nicer than auto correct I can hardly complain. But then my spelling errors are usually in the form of using the wrong vowel. Lots of interesting auto corrects when you’re a bad speller. For the win I prefer spellcheck and I let the little red flags wave.

  2. Macs now default to auto-correct and they are very authoritarian about it. I suspect that when Steve Jobs died they managed to capture his soul and inject little bits of it into the new operating system.

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