Closet Valentine

In Sami’s closet is a little snip from the New York Times that we cut out and saved. It was back when we had the paper delivered to our house and although I couldn’t swear to it, I seem to recall that we paid $2.50 a week for 7-day delivery. So how long ago was that? 20 years? 25 years?

I’m afraid to touch it now. The paper that the poem is printed on is crisp – maybe to the point of disintegrating on contact. However old it is now, the sentiment of love in a mature and long lasting relationship struck a chord with me because we already felt like we had been together forever. Also, there was a little schlepping going on.

My, how the time does fly.

1 thought on “Closet Valentine”

  1. Bless you, internet archives. I found it – February 10, 1988. Scroll down to the last paragraph here.

    Oh, the Metropolitan Diary. Do they still publish that? I never realized how much the items were like the Reader’s Digest fillers at the end of articles. I used to think that I could never be as interesting as the cool and quick-witted people written about here. Now it looks to me like they are all made up or from the “what I should have said was …” category.

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