It’s Winter! Let’s Dream About Sitting Outside In The Sun

See this? I’d like to call this a front porch but it’s just a stoop, as seen from the second floor window.


Tomorrow believe it or not – and I half do not believe it because it’s been a long wearying  battle and this is not the first railing company we hired to do this and the other half I do not believe is that the snow will be all gone so they can work – we’re having a railing installed around the perimeter and down the single step.

The railing is purely functional – it’s so I can hang onto it and get up and down that step with some degree of confidence that I will actually make it. Alternately, it’s for something to grab for if I slip on the very hard-to-see ice. But people does it not just cry out to be colorfully decorated? Two words: Talavera turtle:

Sami said no when I started talking ab out the Talavera Turtle but that’s because he is non-visionary. Me I have an overstuffed folder called “Stoopscape” into which I put links to the things I think will go well together out there. It will be tasteful and simple – just wildly colorfull. I see a shiny blue flower pot with something red planted in it, the turtle might peek around it carrying some thyme. On the other side, a bland wicker chair with an orange chair pad and a small yellow side table. Maybe a well-placed chicken. That orange chair pad is how I’m going to ensnare him in my plan – because we already have it and he’s been saving it in case we need it.


Plenty of room for the UPS guy to sling the boxes onto the stoop, no impediment to foot traffic. Just a charming place to sit down and scowl at the creek workers if they ever come back to fix the muddy mess they left for us.

The answer to your unspoken question is yes, I probably should be thinking about work.


UPDATE Tuesday 2:00 pm. Hot, fresh railing – just installed.

new railing

Doesn’t it look so Mexican? Here – let me help:

mex rail

How you like me now?


13 thoughts on “It’s Winter! Let’s Dream About Sitting Outside In The Sun

  1. Who thinks about work? It certainly sounds like a colorful little sit down place to enjoy. And the safety rail will come in handy. I have knee problems also and don’t dare try steps without something to hold onto. They sell those kind of animals and just about any other kind of thing south of the border. You can even bargain for them. I say, go for it.

  2. Pshaw. You know I NEED my handrail, and the mums I put next to it every autumn* have never managed to get in my way when going up or down my stairs. I say decorate!

    *You know I had to change that from “fall”, right?

  3. Mexican? Oh,my. If it were ‘mexican’ your home would be painted a bright purple, the porch would have a red kitchen chair and the old flowered couch on it, and the railing would have various clothing items hanging over the edge. Surrounding the porch would be various lengths of wood, a rusty metallic object and 4 almost empty paint cans. Tied to the railing would be a dog of no particular breed. Strings of christmas lights would be strung along the eaves of the house, some not secured anymore. The doormat would be crumpled newspaper.
    Now that’s ‘mexican’.

    • Well now, don’t forget this is NJ and the only other places I’ve lived are PA and NYC. We don’t really know from Mexican. So when I say “Mexican-themed”, I’m thinking more of a simplistic and idealized recreation of happy hour at a Mexican restaurant on 2nd Avenue. Maybe I could plant something in one of those little 3-legged guacamole bowls.

    • Just FYI, the reason that traditional Mexican homes are brightly painted is that bright color keeps away evil spirits. The rest of it — no explanation.

  4. The railing is wonderful.
    And you have so little snow! I’m green, but only with envy. Everything else is white as far as the eye can see. Legs, fish belly, Husband pearly under all the grey hair, Snow as far as the eye can see. Only the daughter has color and it’s from snowboarding without sunscreen.

  5. Just so long as when you sit out there, it’s not in an aluminum folding chair wearing a housecoat with your stockings rolled halfway down your calves. I lived in a place once where that sight is what greeted me every time I left the apartment. She never spoke, just gave me the stink eye.

    Come to think of it, she had a mega-hairbun.

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