First Thoughts

First thoughts upon reading the news that Benedict XVI plans to resign from the papacy:

  • Maybe the next one will bring back hats and the Tridentine Mass.
  • Uh oh. This is going to be a bad week for Catholics.
  • What a disappointment this must be for Occupy The Vatican.
  • There’s probably going to be a 3-4 hour window for Pope jokes and then the disrespectful speculation starts to appear in print.
  • Thank God that the internet is a well-known factual expert on Catholicism.
  • Brace yourselves for long-winded um, … ponitifcating about how Islam is better than Catholcism.
  • I can’t wait for the investigation journalists to make the connection between the Church’s resistance to the Obamacare mandate for contraception and this resignation and then to tie it all back to Obama’s puppet masters.*
  • Ireland is going to flip its shit over this.
  • The LoFos are going to have a field day using this to insist that the Catholic church must be no more.
  • I wonder what Joan Baez is going to say about all this.
  • TV’s Talking Blondes are going to have to give up their manipedi time to brush up on the biographies of corrupt Popes in case the LoFos don’t think of that by themselves.

* Ha ha.**

** Get this: the Pope’s shoemaker makes shoes for Obama. Coincidence or mole in the Pope’s inner circle? You tell me. ***

*** I saw an episode of PawnStars last week where a woman showed up with a battered shoe box that contained the Papal slippers of Pope Leo XIII. She had some breezy story about how her aunt was a nun and she was helping her clean out her nun closet one day and they came across this box and the aunt said oh those are just Pope Leo’s shoes and now I have them so how much will you give me for them? Too coincidental for me. There must be some kind of connection here but I haven’t quite worked it out yet.


5 thoughts on “First Thoughts

  1. Steve Croft is sure to advocate for the College of Cardinals to select BO as Hussein Muhammad I. That should pave the way for piece in the middle east. Plus he’s got the shoe connection and is already quite comfortable telling Catholics wtf to do with our faith.

  2. I’m attending RCIA classes now. I fully enter into the faith on Easter Sunday. Next week is my first confession. Loads to unload. My relatives don’t know what Lent is. Strictly in the far reaches of American Protestantism. Bless the Pope. Maybe they’ll not only bring back the Tridentine mass, but there will be a conservative African pope. That would strike fear into every Boston parish.

  3. I say he’s a mole. As for the rest, I’m not Catholic so not going to comment on the religious aspects of it. I hope he is truly resigning because of his age and health and hasn’t been scared off.

  4. The conspiracy mongers are going to have the biggest party since JFK got his final haircut.

    The media have already got the history wrong. Saying “the last Pope to resign was in 1415” is incorrect on several counts. Actually, a Pope and an anti-Pope resigned: Gregory XII and John XXIII. A third Pope (it’s very complicated), Benedict XIII, refused to resign and was excommunicated.

    A new Pope, Martin V, began the unbroken string that lasted until this week. (He also rewarded the former John XXIII for his cooperation by re-appointing him a cardinal. Such was Papal politics in pre-Reformation times.) Since the previous resignation was scandal-related, quod erat demonstratum.

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