Weather Reports for the Left and Right Sides of the Brain

The left-side of the brain is considered to be adept at tasks that involve logic, language and analytical thinking. The right side of the brain is best at expressive and creative tasks and expressing emotion.

It wasn’t enough that The Weather Channel on TV could get you all riled up about Canadian air masses and areas of turbulence over Oklahoma, now you can get upset on your smart phone, too. I used to lean towards not believing weathermen in general but ya know that little thing called Hurricane Sandy when I had no power for 13 days kind of ruined my peace of mind.



Also, my Gmail background just turned from dark rain clouds to deceptively inviting snow.

Read along as a sweetly naive California native plans an evening and then smacks up against the reality of winter.

I made a big pot of chili today to keep us warm. Remember when I used to complain that I made myself sick by eating 2 big bowls of cabbage soup? Well now I do it with chili. No longer an isolated food craving – now a trend. One is not enough and two is too many. True for martinis; true for your hearty winter soups.

10 thoughts on “Weather Reports for the Left and Right Sides of the Brain”

  1. I think some of those folks at the Weather Channel have some strange sexual desires and they involve weather. Not that they’re all bad, but some just seem to get a little too much enjoyment out of scaring the crap out of people and smiling while they do it.

  2. Imagine having a job that involves getting excited about something terrible happening to thousands of people. Or, even worse, doesn’t involve terrible things happening, but you have to make people believe they will happen. Let’s at least scare people if we can’t actually get our jollies running around interviewing victims.
    I’m really starting to hate reporters. A lot. And, what’s with naming snowstorms? Nemo? Really?

  3. Hello, and I love your blog. I laugh out loud when I read it. I too am fascinated with hair buns. Please watch the video above and at the 3:43 mark she will demonstrate a remarkable bun making product. I’m sure you will love it. Take care.

  4. Watching the weather wonks get all breathless and excited, one might think that once snow falls it never leaves or that it is some new scourge sent by a vengeful God to punish sinners.
    It snows in the winter, sometimes it snows a lot and if someone lives in an area where it snows every winter and they’re surprised, it’s time to move. or see a shrink. or both.

  5. Post-Sandy Traumatic Stress Syndrome now means that every storm is accompanied by the possibility of disaster in people’s minds. (At least in the minds of TV producers.) I gather there was a run on snow blowers this past week, similar to the run on generators before Sandy.

    What we actually got was what I would term a typical NJ February snowstorm: 6″ of snow, some wind and cold temperatures. Feh. OK, so they got 3′ of snow in New England. That’s New England, people! AKA, “Canada South.”

    I already own a snowblower, thank you very much, and had the driveway and front walk cleared by 9:30am yesterday. People were out running errands by noontime.

    1. Of course a NJ’er would own a snowblower. I bet you also have a shovel, candles, some good books waiting to be read sans TV, and a portable radio. I know I would have these things too if I lived where it snows every winter. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have a 4×4 vehicle or snow tires or even…gasp…chains for your ride.

      What amazes me is the reports of people stocking up on food…the assumption being that they only have enough vittles to last a day until starvation begins. They claimed there was a run on batteries….?? What household doesn’t use batteries today in almost everything?

      There is a tribe of American Indians that live at the bottom of the GrandCanyon in Arizona. While the GrandCanyon is deep, the elevation is high…8,000ft, so it does snow up there.
      Every dang year, the government has to drop supplies down to those Indians. Every year.
      At some point, you’d think someone would tell them to stock up for the winter so they don’t starve to death without taxpayer’s help.

  6. I propose that you get a set of chili bowls that is 50% bigger than your current chili bowl. That’s right, I’m suggesting that YOU buy MORE DISHES.

    I’m here to help. Also, I’m here to wonder if anyone in NJ has snow chains for their tires. I thought those were just a myth.

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