Now Twirl

We interrupt this busy Monday morning to let you in on a few timely but ultimately unimportant observations:

1. Do you know how poor food choices are made? They are made by spending all weekend on the road, cutting food intake times to only twice a day NO SNACKS! and waiting until you are fall down hungry to stop and then it’s all give me the french toast with bacon and can you substitute link sausage for the scrambled eggs and by the way we’re gonna need more syrup here.

2. I hate everything about BravoTV these days and yet I am conversant with all that goes on there. Earworm of the day: Kenya Moore’s performance of Gone With The Wind Fabulous which she charmingly pronounces as FAB-ah-lus instead of the more common but less fascinating Fab-YOU-lus. In this video she sings over a soundtrack but you can clearly hear the  recorded proper pronunciation and the incorrect “fabahlus” at the same time.

3. I saw a woman with a Breakfast At Tiffany’s style  French Twist yesterday. I almost died with envy.

3 thoughts on “Now Twirl”

  1. Dearest Suzette, that wasn’t fabalous at all, and there was no bun in her hair, but this is not fabalous either, and there is probably years of whiplash therapy involved: Enjoy.

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