In Which I Am Only A Minor Character In My Own Life

Now confirmed: the tech world has passed me by.

I inserted a QR code into my sidebar because I saw someone else do it and it was easy enough to accomplish, although the reasons anyone would (a) want one on display and (b) have need to scan one mystify me. So then I picked up my iPhone which has a scanner app already and was squinting at it to see if i could activate it and all of a sudden the phone makes a bloop noise and phone is now displaying my website and I didn’t even have any active part in that whole thing.

But now that I have scanned, I might take a stroll through Shoprite later today and bloop things just  for fun. I’m going to need some fun because I made a modest strike on the heap of garbage in the garage today and it’s going to be civil war when Sami figures out what happened.


2 thoughts on “In Which I Am Only A Minor Character In My Own Life

  1. People ask us why we don’t have one in our sidebar. A withering look usually deters them for continuing the conversation.

    QR’s are great if you’re out and about, but there is a question of functionality. I scanned one that was on a restaurant menu and it brought up the menu on my phone.

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