How’s 2013 Going for You All So Far?

For me, it’s kind of boring and empty with the constant expectation of disaster breaking through at any moment. Sometimes, when I sit quietly, I get stuck on the things that didn’t work out for me. I’m unhappy about the amount of crap in my house – some of it is mine most of it is his. I’m noticing that I no longer hold people’s (family and friends) attention when I speak. People (work) still want to hear from me but there are some days I don’t feel up to the challenge of what I have to/should do. Where I never would have been seen in public with chipped nail polish before, now I surprise my self by looking down at my hands and wondering how things got to such a state. I could have conducted myself in a more mature manner when I was trying to convince my sister to get a flu shot instead of saying she was a cuckoo and calling her doctor a quack.

11 thoughts on “How’s 2013 Going for You All So Far?”

  1. I have the January blahs. Feel anxious, yet have no idea why. Even planning trip overseas has me on edge instead of happy and appreciative. In other words, I think this may be post holiday stress syndrome of some sort. I thank you for your blog

  2. I’ve been doing much better this year. A combination of Zoloft, Wellbutrin, and a full-spectrum light early in the morning. Keeping the dark hounds at bay this year.

    1. Can we call you “g2-a0b” for short?

      Sorry, but gravitars are among the buggiest web tech items ever.

  3. It’s the winter doldrums, which I attribute to the narrow minded opinion bourbon isn’t an acceptable beverage while at work. If I could have a few shots in the afternoon, the evening after work would be much merrier.

  4. Cabin fever is not confined to cabins. We sometimes reel around here banging our heads on the walls, drinking whisky neat and shouting My God, the snow!
    Not really that bad, but you get the idea.

  5. Speaking of flu shots, you know that I am almost as big an advocate as you are and that I regularly support our municipal immunization clinics, but I had to sit in a meeting last night next to a guy who complained that his whole family had the flu at Christmas, including his 6 month old twins.

    When I asked if he had gotten the shots he said he didn’t want someone shooting poison into him. I bit my tongue but only because his wife had carried triplets and one died at birth. But talk about irresponsible bullish*t…

  6. Do not get me started on flu shot ignoramus statements. I am a nurse. This statement, coming from me, is either a sign (to close family and friends) that I am taking charge of a “situation” or some profound knowledge is about to be shared which cannot be questioned. I have had flu shots since I last got the flu about 18 years ago. Surprise! Have not gotten the flu since. I decided that one time, having entire family with 104 fever and delirious, and no local family to bring me soup and take care of me (I had to recover, naturally, quicker than the husband and two young sons and organize the Tylenol and Advil chart on fridge to prevent overdosing and future liver transplants). Prior to recovery I wanted (a) to die, or (b) to be in the hospital on major narcotics. Like my namesake, Scarlett O’Hara, I sort of swore I would never be that sick again (vs her never being poor and hungry again while clutching the Georgia red clay of her beloved Tara). I know NURSES who say they “got the flu after they had the flu shot.” it is a dead virus, peoples! A cold is not the flu. A stomach virus is not the flu. Feeling normal one minute then feeling like a truck hit you at your son’s birthday party is the flu (simultaneous headache, earache, backache, sore throat, everything ache) with a 104 fever leading to bronchitis and/or pneumonia while flat on your back).

    Sorry for digression…back to your regularly scheduled winter blahs. Today the sun is shining and birds are singing and all may be sort of right in the world of January.

    1. Interesting comments! Suzette is the greatest blogger and the only one I read. I got my flu shot early. My son (age 22) has not gotten one. We’re going to the Inauguration on the 21st and I wish he had gotten the shot. He’s really fragile….6’1″ and just 132 lbs. He eats a lot and his half-sister was just as thin at his age. He may have Marfan Syndrome although he had all kinds of tests and everything was normal, including an echocardiogram, a 24-hour Holter monitor, a cornea test, etc. He does have pectus excavatum and a very mild case of scoliosis (his half-sister had severe scoliosis and needed surgery). He had many purple stretch marks on his lower back and his arm span exceeds his height. Unfortunately, I do not have contact with his paternal family so I cannot ask whether Marfan Syndrome runs in their family. They live in France. One of his uncles is 6’5″. None of them want contact with us. I worry all the time. I hope to be able to take him to Johns Hopkins one day for a definitive diagnosis of whether or not he has the disease, something lesser, or is just a tall, rangy kid. The flu is minor compared to all of that, but still…….

  7. Flu shots…. my husband and I have been together for almost 14 years. He swears up and down he never gets sick . When our sons were 8 months and 2 1/2, they both got the flu at the same time. Our happy family spread it far and wide, to me, my mom, my brothers, their girlfriends and my husband, the one who NEVER gets sick because he is SO strong and healthy and germs fear him . He was appalled to discover you can have explosive diarrhea while bent over throwing up, and with everyone else in the household just as sick as you are, you have to clean up your own mess. He has gotten a flu shot ever since.

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