But What Isn’t Improved By The Addition Of Baby Goats?

This is our favorite local Nativity display:


The kids were small when we first started to visit. The barn had only that central portion and the fence was post-and-rail, making for some interesting goat/child finger interaction. That didn’t happen much because the goats were busy chewing on the clothing of the mannequins. Now the central characters are behind goat-proof wire and the whole thing has been enlivened by the addition of baby goats who spend their time jumping on and off the donkey’s back. We suspect that the wise man with the heavy beard is a lady mannequin but we can’t prove it. Also, I’m not really sure where Joseph is in this scene. Is he kneeling next to the manger wearing a black vest? Or is he standing behind Mary draped in a brown cloak?



2 thoughts on “But What Isn’t Improved By The Addition Of Baby Goats?

  1. I love nativity scenes and I especially love baby goats. Living in a place with a tiny cement backyard – it has been impossible to get my husband to budge on getting me one. But I will wear him down eventually. Also – the goats at Disneyland in the petting zoo, they retire after 3 years of service and you can place your name on a list to adopt one as they rotate them out. I’m not on the list… YET, but I know how to get on it! Also, if your son was willing, he could jump the fence, cut the wires, and peak under the wise man’s robes. It could be slightly criminal but you’d have your answer. True story: the Michael J Fox wax mannequin at the Hollywood Wax Museum is a terrible wax head on a female mannequin body. If the “pros” do it, why not your local arteeests in residence?

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