The Week In Pictures

... and then the rains came

… and then the rains came

At least they did come back to take away the little orange digger. When the mighty winds blew the other night, they blew the temporary (I hope) plastic fencing off. I guess we should have figured that would happen but we were too busy thinking about the trees. Stedman was unusually quiet when we let him out in the yard and that was because he wasn’t actually in the yard. Fortunately, he is a dog without imagination because whenever he goes missing, it’s an easy retrieval   He consistently goes to the same location – right in front of the next door neighbors storm door. He just sits that hoping to be let in.

missing treasure

missing treasure

These are the entire family’s favorite and whenever the phrase “Christmas Cookie is thrown about, these are what come to mind first. I already gave up on finding this and was planing to just google up some recipes for Pineapple Nut Cookies but I’m glad I didn’t. I guess this old school style with its double sifting and multiple beating steps and 6 bowls to wash afterwards is what makes them so good. I remember typing this card on a Smith Corona portable that had a dual color ribbon – red on the top and black on the bottom. I guess those are my fingerprints on the card – I can’t imagine that my mother would ever leave behind such a mess.



I can’t begin to tell you how unnerved Stedman is about the toy dog plays ¿Dónde Esta Santa Claus?. At least he seems satisfied now that the chihuahua won’t leap off the end table and come after him but whenever the thing plays, he keeps a sharp eye on the row of stuffed Snoopys on the piano in case they try to bust a move.

each came holding a 4-pc Whitman Sampler

each came holding a little 4-pc Whitman Sampler box


7 thoughts on “The Week In Pictures

  1. What about the back of the recipe card?!?

    By the way, you asked for cookie suggestions a few weeks ago without a heinous ingredient that shall not be named. What did you make?

    • It’s just as messy as the front but that is overshadowed by the typing freakout.

      I made Italian Sesame cookies and two kinds of biscotti plus these Pineapple Nut Drops. I’m still toying around with making some Cinnamon Star cutouts. Tomorrow is the big day when the new DIL comes over and we all sit down to make ka’ak. This is the only cookie she cares about. It was something that her Lebanese grandmother made every year and when she mentioned it last year, Sami immediately started to compare family recipes. For all the years we were married, I never heard him mention it once. Sam1 and A’s long-dead grandmother have a lot in common and it was funny to see the California relatives who came for the wedding this summer agree with that statement with a look of amazement on their faces.

      Anyway, ka’ak. The recipe I linked to is for pikers. A’s recipe is not for the faint of heart and starts out with “5 pounds of flour” , ” 3 cups of sugar” and is very heavy on the anise as well as the mahlab and nutmeg. There’s so much dough we have to let it rise in the giant 20 Qt. soup pot because we don’t have anything else that’s big enough to hold it.

      Interesting fact: Sami’s original family name is Ka’akati (phonetic spelling) which means “maker of cakes”.

      • Thank you for the backside. I’ve never heard of, never mind had, a cookie with pineapple. Would you be offended if I made these?

        I LOVE the mug, well the part of it peeping out. Years ago on an episode of As Time Goes By (British comedy) they drank from a mug I just had to have. I spent countless hours online trying to figure out the make and model of the mug, to no avail. I can’t watch the show without hoping for a glimpse of the mug.

  2. Steadman is only protecting you from the treacherous stuffed critters.

    BTW. Not a single mention of Ladybird’s 100th birthday? I never thought I’d see it in the paper first.

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