Big Muddy

I’m a little worried about Hillary Clinton. I do have something to say about her but it will have to be later on.  I will only interrupt my extreme busyness to tell you that I spend all of my time hosting WebEx presentations (…the CDC reports earliest flu activity in 10 years … virulent strains bringing more severe illness… and so on …) and baking bread. In fact, I am so into the bread making that I couldn’t wait until Xmas for a Danish Dough Wisk so that Santa could bring it to me. My bread kind of stinks* but the process of making it is very therapeutic for me.

*That’s an oxymoron because my bread actually has no smell and no taste either. But it’s awful purty.

Busy or not, we  can’t let a week go by without some kind of Creek Project story. Here is the end result of a few days of digging and back-hoeing from my backyard to the street. When they were all done doing whatever they were doing, the end result is that my topsoil is buried, the stupid clay/sand from the depths has been churned to the top and it’s a sea of mud wherever you look. The dog is delighted; we are less so. He digs in it, he rolls around in it , he otherwise enjoys himself in it and then drags some in the house when he returns.

like a 40 degree Woodstock for dogs

kind of like Woodstock if Woodstock happened when it was 40 degrees

As soon as they shoved the dirt back to a reasonably level appearance, the crew said goodbye to us because they were being laid off for the winter.

Anyway, did you know that YouTube is loaded with Lady Bird’s home movies? This isn’t a home movie but it does have a bit of a White House Staff Christmas party where the Bajas are playing what I believe is the Woody Woodpecker theme song. And the dog stars of all time, Him and Her, are in the finale stealing the scene from George Hamilton.


5 thoughts on “Big Muddy

  1. I am near apoplectic looking at your yard! I am assuming the city will pony up for the rest of the landscaping now necessary? What would Lady Bird Johnson do? What would Florence Nightingale do? These are the 2 ladies of the environment, no? Well, in other news there is this:
    If your web-hosting duties become too bland for you, what would happen if you could put on a bubble-head black wig, a yellow dress, and a brand new southern drawl? Best wishes to all at Big Muddy Estate!

  2. You seem strangely calm about your yard. Is it the calm of being too busy to deal with it and the shit will hit the fan later?
    Whoever is responsible for the destruction of your calm back yard needs to have their own top soil removed and transferred to your yard.

  3. I’m really irritated by the way they screwed up your yard. They could at least plant some temporary grass to stop erosion and eliminate the mud.

    I have to ask. Do they have an easement through that area? If so, there’s not much you can do, but you can document the damage and watch for settlement in the future. They may have an easement, but their right to use the area doesn’t give them the right to damage adjacent property with impunity.

    • You’d be even more irritated if you had to wash off the dog every time he went out. We went to the trouble of fencing the yard so we could let him out thereto do his business and run around. Now we have to leash him and take him down the (2 total) front steps and into the street, which is A THING for two old gimps like us.

      No easement exists. There was no need for it because they have access to township land from the other side of the creek. What they did here was find the remaining section of the original underground pipe from the sump pit, connect it to a new underground pipe along side our house, run ti out to a new catchment basin in the street, connect that basin by a 15″ concrete pipe under the street to the old catchment basin and the whole thing works by gravity.

      This is the plan Sami agreed to because it was immediate and will relieve that electric bill for the sump pump activity – he has little faith that it will actually work. The township was pushing this because it was cheaper than digging up the entire creek bed and installing perforated pipe. I guess they’d need more DEP approval for that, too and I’m sure they don’w want to call attention to themselves that the $200,000.00 bond they got resulted in a dry creek and a wet & muddy resident.

      They’re supposed to come back in the spring to replace that charming asphalt by the new catchment basement and do whatever to the mud, but Sami pitched a fit and the contractor agreed to come back after the holidays. I guess we’re hosting the little orange digger for the winter?

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