Right Now

This is happening right now:


But not by me. The son and DIL are having fun making their annual gingerbread house today. It reminded me that I had this brand new Nativity Bake Set tucked away for her.

Several years ago – maybe 5 or 6 – I saw this online and set out to buy one for my daughter. When I got to the ordering page, I marked a quantity of 2 because I was planning for the day that I would give it to “Ted’s wife”. And here she is – and we didn’t even know that she’d like gingerbread.

She wasn’t 100%  thrilled when I told her about this today but I pulled out the Baby Jesus card and she caved. I should have mentioned the camels. She’s a fool for camels because she’s half an Arab like the rest of us them. Us, I guess.

I’m one of them now, I guess.

8 thoughts on “Right Now”

    1. Easy. You make a tall blob of icing and put the cookie in front of it. You can also incorporate a large gumdrop from the nonsecular GB house.

  1. From the description I get about 15 pieces to the kit. Are they counting the instructions? None of my business, of course, but I’m always interested in packaging that tells how many pieces. As if the number of pieces were an indication of quality.

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