The Saturday Morning Report

I already polished the kitchen set with Pledge while the coffee was brewing. Then I took some decorative plates off of the kitchen walls and washed them. I have big plans to scrub  down all the cupboards and counters and to change the curtains in the kitchen,  too. All this has to be done before I feel right about unfurling the Christmas tablecloth. Prognosis: iffy. Now that I have my morning cup in front of me and the blogs have me in front of them, it feels right to just sit here a while. Inspiration  I think I’m going to hang one shiny ornament from the banana hanger of the fruit basket and call that a holiday decoration.

It’s been quite a week, my friends. After spending weeks being stupid about a big government program and being forced to educate myself about so that I could write some training slides, I was one slide away from finishing it up. Then I found out that the government is going to be launching training of their own .. and by the way, can I share my slides with the big government agency  so they can be sure they are addressing what our company thinks are the important points?

I spent a lot of time on that project and let other important things slide. Things like turning in my overdue expenses before they cut off my company credit card. Question: if you got an email with a  subject line of Pending Suspension – Please Read ***Overdue Card Transactions*** Immediate Submission is Required, does that sound final to you? ASKING FOR A FRIEND. If the suspension was already a done deal, they wouldn’t be saying Please Read would they? While it’s true that the email string is full of blunt talk like “prior communications have been sent”  and “by 10/25/12 or prior” and ” no later than Monday, November 26th”, I’m not that shook up. I’ve been in this boat before. Like every December since I’ve had a company credit card.

Hey, did I mention that I have a beloved 36 year old relative who developed serious liver disease this year? And by the time he got around to seeking help in the spring, he was in critical shape? And he still had to wait six months to get listed for transplant? And now things are in rapid decline so he was offered an organ from a high-risk donor? And because he is so ill, he agreed to accept it
?  (Sidebar: I will never use the phrase “come to Jesus meeting” in a flip manner again.) And after he was all prepped and ready and waiting in the OR holding room, they cancelled the surgery because the liver was bad?

It’s been quite a week, my friends.


8 thoughts on “The Saturday Morning Report

  1. Wait a minute… You do stuff while the coffee is brewing?? I stare blankly at the coffeemaker while sucking down the cold dregs of whatever was left in it from the previous day.

  2. Sorry to hear about your cousin I know it seems odd to offer such an organ to patients but there are reasons other than it’s the only organ available. I know you are an RN and if you’d like more information regarding the practical reasons these organs are offered at all I’d be happy to discussed via email with you. High Risk Organs as defined by the CDC was otherwise know as “The Final Rule”, in organ, tissue and cellular entities was written in 1994 and is currently under revision and at the rate it took them to pass the last CFR 1221 it may be the year 2220 before we see new ones to reflect testing standards (NAT) and other precautions that are in place today. I will keep your relative in my thoughts for a quick and successful transplant. I enjoy your blogs and hope your Christmas season is especially memorable.

  3. Prayers for your relative and the blessing of a healthy donor.

    Prayers for you too. Dealing with bureaucracy is like herding cats, while nailing jello to the wall.

  4. Yipes! I’m surprised you can get out of bed!
    I hope your relative gets another chance very soon. This is frightening and disouraging.
    Isn’t it amazing how there’s always a Hall and Oats lyric to fit every occasion?
    “She don’t want sympathy
    Or pity from me
    She wants the chance to do it over”

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