Terrible Tree Update

Update to the stupid broken Xmas tree issue: Gaze upon the only paper in the box from the tree:

photo (4)
hardly illuminating

Not much help, is it? Turns out it was made by The General foam Company, which you cna imagine is no Mr.Christmas Tree Company or Mr. Piney Woods Company.. No wonder it’s such a mess. I’m trying to work up a good crank about it today, but its damp and gloomy outside and my boss told me she’s cutting out early today so I’m thinking a nap might be a better use of my time.

Also, Sami called the phone number on the paper and they are sending 2 new tree sections to us, no charge.




7 thoughts on “Terrible Tree Update”

  1. It looks like the design of our hypo allergenic tree. It has 5 sections and they’re numbered in case you forget that conical shapes start big and get progressively smaller. I learned to mark the light plugs/receptacles to avoid plugging tiers into themselves and having dark zones.

    Heh. Who wants to bet the free sections they send will be an altogether different shade of artificial green? That’d be par for the course, he said cynically.

  2. It looks like a sectional diagram for replacing angel wings. That, or a Rorschach test for Santa Claus impersonators.

  3. I notice they have been kind enough to show you to plug the plug into an electrical outlet. You know, in case you were trying to plug it into the kitchen faucet.

  4. I have this tree. I love it. The person who dissassmbled it, took it all apart, every branch & attaching clip. Any way I can get a diagram showing which way these clips goes on the round green set up ring? Thank you so much

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