It Doth Both Blow And Suck

This isn’t the most interesting thing that came into my business mailbox today but I never miss a chance to use the phrase in the post title. Thanks for going along with this and helping me to get it out of my system. If I couldn’t do this, I’d have to start sending that title around in the subject line to selected business email lists. Because if I didn’t, I’d bust. And so you see how admirable is my prudence in choosing you as the recipients.

“Most dryers draw in air from the bathroom and then can expel any airborne contaminants directly onto your hands,”

“Study suggests paper towels are more hygienic than blowers.The Wall Street Journal reports on a study from the Mayo Clinic published in June, which found that paper towels are better than air blowers in staving off bacteria while drying skin. The study found that paper towels are more efficient and don’t spread as many germs. Dr. Rodney Lee Thompson, a hospital epidemiologist at the Mayo Clinic, also pointed out that many people prefer using paper towels over blowers.”

6 thoughts on “It Doth Both Blow And Suck”

  1. If there is a paper towel dispenser; dry your hands, take the towel with you to open the door, then dispose of it in the nearest trash. Many people don’t wash. uck.

  2. No towels? I grab a couple of fresh toilet seat covers and dry my hands. Paper is better than air for this purpose.

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