Not gonna lie: the difference between us and the apes is that we can wrap a beautiful gift package. I would expand upon this except that I am v busy  singing Party in the USA to myself, watching YouTube videos of O-Zone and doing research on George Goursat.

Here’s some packages. My theme this year is brown paper and string. Curl-tie ribbon has become too narrow for me so now I make my own out of strips of wrapping paper (file under: “Time, Too Much Free”).


I like a crisp corner.

 Do not open ’til Xmas. Bring your scissors.


8 thoughts on “Arsenium

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. I saw the title and thought “no… Couldn’t be.” So surprised it referred to my favorite member of O-Zone. I’m trying to learn Romanian by listening to their album over and over again and forcing my poor husband to translate the lyrics over and over again. Maybe it’s a form of torture, but I like to consider it language lessons.

    • Welcome, fellow weirdo!

      Videos of their performances in Germany and Japan are more readily available now than they were during the Numa Numa craze. I believe that if pressed I could flawlessly perform the choreography to Dragostea Din Tei thanks to my studes at YouTube University. The moves are always the same, even when Arsenie had a cast on his right hand.

      • If we get a third female we can do an all gal version. I of course would have to play Radu, being of short stature. Additionally, I think you could argue that Radu has had the most consistent success post O-Zone. Granted Dan has dropped a number of singles but when you keep dipping into the Numa Numa Dance Craze well I think you lose all Moldovian street cred.

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