Not gonna lie: the difference between us and the apes is that we can wrap a beautiful gift package. I would expand upon this except that I am v busy  singing Party in the USA to myself, watching YouTube videos of O-Zone and doing research on George Goursat.

Here’s some packages. My theme this year is brown paper and string. Curl-tie ribbon has become too narrow for me so now I make my own out of strips of wrapping paper (file under: “Time, Too Much Free”).

I like a crisp corner.

 Do not open ’til Xmas. Bring your scissors.

8 thoughts on “Arsenium”

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter. I saw the title and thought “no… Couldn’t be.” So surprised it referred to my favorite member of O-Zone. I’m trying to learn Romanian by listening to their album over and over again and forcing my poor husband to translate the lyrics over and over again. Maybe it’s a form of torture, but I like to consider it language lessons.

    1. Welcome, fellow weirdo!

      Videos of their performances in Germany and Japan are more readily available now than they were during the Numa Numa craze. I believe that if pressed I could flawlessly perform the choreography to Dragostea Din Tei thanks to my studes at YouTube University. The moves are always the same, even when Arsenie had a cast on his right hand.

      1. If we get a third female we can do an all gal version. I of course would have to play Radu, being of short stature. Additionally, I think you could argue that Radu has had the most consistent success post O-Zone. Granted Dan has dropped a number of singles but when you keep dipping into the Numa Numa Dance Craze well I think you lose all Moldovian street cred.

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