If we get John Kerry as secretary of state, does that mean that we get to see Ter-at-zah, too?

I am not opposed. Even a five-year-old can read Hillary’s coolly calculated wardrobe messages, But Ter–at-zah! La Passionata! I look forward to seeing a 4 year older, more infirm , couturier-clad Widow Heinz back on the national stage.

That leaves Hillary free to play the grandmother role. Better start taking your folic acid, Chelsea. America needs a grandmother’s love in 2016.


7 thoughts on “Clarification

  1. Where has Teresa been anyway? She totally disappeared from view once John F. Kerry lost. Perhaps she went to dry out and decided to never come back to the real world.

    • If I recall correctly, she suffered a bout with some kind of cancer illness.
      I met her once when she was MrsHeinz and her husband was running for the US Senate.
      She was polite, and reserved.
      She’s 74 years old.
      Her name is Maria Teresa Theirstein Simes-Ferreia Heinz Kerry.

  2. Kerry would definitely be a better dresser. He could fill his pockets with those little catsup (yes I spelled it correctly) packets and pass them out like trinkets. Foreign diplomats could throw them on the floor and pop them with their shoes.

    Oh the merriment.

  3. I always thought Kerry got Teresa while she was grieving for her husband. I think he cozied up to her with tales of how he and Heinz were best buds in the Senate. I think she married Kerry in an effort to hang on to some of her former life.

    I knew a woman who was the widow of a policeman killed on duty, who was wooed this way by another policeman. He took almost all of her insurance money before she woke up out of her trance and realized what had happened.

    So this is what I think happened to Teresa, and also why she drinks. A lot.

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