* sigh *

When I opened the box for my new and first ever pizza stone, the enclosed pizza cutter clattered to the floor so I didn’t notice the care and use instructions floating gently down as well. By the time I checked out what the clatter was, balanced the stone on the box and checked so it wouldn’t slide off, the only thing down there was the cutter. I saw the single sheet of instructions when I was sliding the stone out of the box so where could it be?

You know where this is going, right?

Bless his little canine heart.

I only wish he would start eating papers from the bottom instead of the top. That might have saved my Countdown To Thanksgiving, but probably not the $100 in twenties.

5 thoughts on “* sigh *”

  1. If you still have the pieces of the money, you can take it to the bank and trade it in.

    My friend’s Boston Terrier was the worst about eating her tips… I’ve been fortunate enough that I’ve caught Shay in the act BEFORE the Benjamins are shredded.

  2. i once had a cat who thought there was a tasty mouse under every scrap of paper. I found that I could iron some of the important stuff back to somewhat readable.

  3. Since when does a pizza stone need instructions? There are no moving parts. They last a while, make pizza cook better, then they eventually crack. We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t make a pizza stone that will eventually crack!

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