New Jersey Disaster Area

I am going to show you a picture of disaster. Here it is:

This is the Lenox Warehouse in Cranbury NJ. Here’s the code: the letter A marks the door to the high class bridal registry full sets of dinnerware Lenox Retail store; the letter B marks the entrance to the warehouse; the red bar indicates a police car parked sideways so the shoppers can’t pass it and park in the loading dock area.

Now this is the same Lenox Warehouse that replaced 75% of it’s usual stock with specialized Lenox Christmas items and giftware and then sent out postcards to all of NJ and part of PA announcing a special sale with items up to 80% off retail prices.

Question: how many parking spaces do you see there?


So if you miss  a  fistfight in the parking lot over the too few parking spaces (and let me remind you that we are all fresh off the post-hurricane 2-hour gas station line battlefields here) be assured that you’ll get another chance inside the warehouse itself which is packed with a lot of shoppers and stacks and stacks of boxed giftware. People disobey the rules of shopping cart traffic and not only start out going the wrong way down the aisles or darting across the center stacks to collide with orderly shopping cart pushers, but they block the intersections to chitchat or sit cross-legged on the floor to unbox every single ornament that they are considering buying and then jam it and as much of the packaging that will fit back into the box. All this happens in a space that is heated 15 degrees past what it should be and where every voice, platter smash and screaming baby ricochets around the concrete and metal ceiling truss decor.

So it can be a fairly aggravating activity if you go with the wrong expectation (a pleasant experience). But this is why people go: LUXURY GOODS AT BARGAIN PRICES. The more you spend, the more the discount off the total is, so most people that are in there are stocking up on I don’t know what but they have two carts full of it. I bought this:

Lenox 9.5″ Floral Medley Vase

This thing retails for $72.00 and is currently on sale for $27.95. The warehouse had it marked for 19.95 plus I had a coupon so I got it – giftboxed – for about $17.50. I also picked up a couple of  sets of classy b0ttle stoppers for about $11.75 each. I’m taking the DIL there after work this week. So exciting – her first visit!

After regrouping over lunch, we headed for Walmart where we peaceably navigated the parking lot and aisles without incident. No crowds making news by trampling each other, no strikers, no incidents at all. So whatever you see on the news about horrible low-class bargain hunting Have Nots at Walmart  know that it’s not true. The real mayhem is with the no-class bargain-hunting Haves at the Lenox Warehouse.


5 thoughts on “New Jersey Disaster Area

  1. I’ve lived near there for about 20 years and have never gone! I used to do the Scholastic Warehouse sale twice a year when the kids were littler and I totally understand the ricocheting screams!

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