Turkey Day

Who among us doesn’t love a big-breasted, short-legged old lady in a chicken apron?

h/t Gerard    Love that part about the oven mitts.

We’ll be having turducken as the main event today but there’s one of those free-with-register-receipts turkey from the supermarket in my refrigerator  awaiting T-Day: Part 2. I’m not too thrilled about that but the beloved husband cannot let a free turkey pass him by. And he operates from the philosophical theory of More Is More so it’s a 16 pounder. There is a silver lining, though:  Can you say leftovers? Can you TURKEY POT PIES in your new mini pie pan?

Oh, they will beg for mercy by the time  the last of that turkey is used up. I hope you all have a lovely day today eating food that is not on your customary diet, yakking it up with your relatives and generally chilling out. Take a nap, stay out of the stores and have a happy Thanksgiving.


6 thoughts on “Turkey Day

  1. Update: the dinner prepared by my gracious hostess was barely edible. A ‘fried’ turkey served with StoveTop stuffing, instant mashed potatoes, packaged gravy from mix, the worst green bean cassorole ever, a salad right out of the bag and bottled dressing.
    The frozen pies were yukky, had off-brand whip on top.

    The wine was good and so were the yeast breads.The company was excellent so it wasn’t a total blow-out.
    I hope you all had a lovely day. Christmas is next.

  2. We gave away so much of the leftover turkey to the different families that came that we ended up with no leftovers and are sourly contemplating cooking a turkey breast just for the left overs. There is no joy when there is no turkey hash.

  3. One tradition that should go is the packaging up of leftovers and sending them off with guests whom one has already stuffed.

    The loot should go to she who spent days getting that feast on the table. Maybe little bags of treats – like wedding favors – could be passed out to departing guests so no one would go away empty-handed.

    And there’d be turkey sandwiches, turkey quesadillas, turkey pot pie, scalloped turkey, whatever the hostess’s heart’s desire, for the next few days. Or turkey in the freezer.

    • I couldn’t agree more. We actually did go buy a very small turkey and roast it just for the leftovers. Turkey sandwiches last night. Turkey hash today and turkey noodle soup tomorrow!

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